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Suddenlink Saw Four Fiber Lines Cut This Week
Vandals Broke Into Vaults, Severed Lines Repeatedly
by Karl Bode 04:29PM Friday Mar 15 2013
Suddenlink Communications has had a rough week when it comes to protecting its infrastructure from vandalism. The ISP has suffered through four different outages this week alone, all of them thanks to someone breaking into Suddenlink's vaults and severing fiber optic connections. According to local papers, the most recent incident resulted in 10,000 customers losing connectivity from Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon.

While it could be a disgruntled employee, the paper quotes one local contractor who believes it's probably copper thieves that are too stupid to realize that the vaults they're breaking into don't have much copper in them:
”What they are doing is dumb, though,” Tindle said. “First of all, there isn't any copper in fiber optic lines. I think that's why they keep hitting different areas -- they are trying to find something that isn't there. Even if there was copper, the amount they are going to get scrapping it out at a junkyard isn't worth the punishment they are going to get when they are caught. Whoever is doing this is being very careless with their lives."
Not quite as careless and stupid as those who you repeatedly see electrocuted when they try to strip live copper from utility poles, but still pretty stupid.

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