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Survey: 29% of Americans Think Edward Snowden was Wrong
by Karl Bode 12:29PM Wednesday Jun 04 2014
Secretary of State John F. Kerry recently declared that whistleblower Edward Snowden should "man up" and come back to the United States, though Snowden remains doubtful he'd get a fair trial. Were it a true trial by his peers he might; a new poll conducted by cloud storage service Tresorit found that 55% of Americans think Snowden did the right thing in exposing NSA domestic surveillance secrets. 29% of those polled think Snowden was wrong, and 16% don't have an opinion one way or the other.

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Boston, MA

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reply to cramer

Re: Yes...but

Hindsight and playing armchair quarterback sucks. But let me post a question, if you'll let me:

What if you got your first Gov Clearance in the late 1930's in Germany, and you learned about the plan for your government to exterminate millions of people in order to cleanse society.

Would have you broken your word in that scenario?

... or in true hindsight fashion, would you have condoned someone who broke their word in that case and pulled a Snowden?

Please, nobody say "well this is different" ... no, it isn't. Simply separate the content of the classified information from the actual act of hurting your own country and violating your word.

My point is that there is a line there, somewhere. My line is different from yours. Your line is different from the next guy. Sadly, I don't know the answer to my own question.
When judgment day comes, I'm confident I will end up in a place that's quite comfortable, very well deserved, and truly reflects how I strive to live my life. It's amusing certain groups feel the need to tell me their place will be better than mine.


Portage, IN
·T-Mobile US

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reply to tshirt
Ah, don't I love to read some statist propaganda garbage from the resident statist propagandists here on the ole' DSLReports.

Boo fucking hoo, I'm so sorry he "jeopardized operations" of the secret police's war against the American people. Those spook pricks have no business collecting my data, or anyone else in these great United States' data without a fucking warrant signed by a real, sitting judge (not your kangaroo court FISA bullshit, either). What they are doing is treasonous against the American people, but you establishment-worshipping bootlickers try to to play the role of the moderates who are just "looking out for the safety of the country".

Bullshit. You are all statist apologists who know deep down how morally wrong all of this is, yet will defend it until your last breath because you are cowards and think that sucking up to and defending this garbage will somehow protect you from it. Pro tip: IT WON'T!


Brookline, MA

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reply to cramer
How do you feel about the Founding Fathers? Traitors, the lot of them.


Glen Head, NY

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reply to Probitas

Re: Kerry is one of the few that can claim being tough.

said by Probitas :

Problem with the US Justice system...

Actually it is the "Legal" system, not the "Justice" system. Justice is often very hard to find in the legal system.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.