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Sympatico jumps on home-network bandwagon
by Optimized 03:42PM Wednesday Mar 03 2004
Globe and Mail Update

After years of refusing to support home computer networks, Internet service provider Sympatico has bowed to reality and is launching a home-networking bundle to subscribers.

Sympatico, Bell Canada's Internet service provider, announced a new Wireless Home Networking package, involving high-speed access for multiple computers and IP-enabled devices, such as Xbox and Play Station 2 gaming consoles.

Home networking equipment has been available for several years now, and many people have installed systems for less than $100. A couple of years ago Sympatico insisted that any customers with home networks had to be subscribed to the more expensive business package; but as home nets became more popular, Sympatico eventually relented and simply refused to troubleshoot bad connections for people who had a router installed.

"Sympatico is responding to what more and more Canadians say they want in their homes: fast, simple, secure and fully supported wireless connectivity allowing them to access the Internet throughout their home," Bell Canada vice-president Charlotte Burke said in a statement announcing the bundle.

New customers of the Sympatico High Speed and High Speed Ultra services can receive the integrated wireless high-speed modem and router in place of the standard modem for $69.95. Existing customers can exchange their standard modems for the new wireless home networking modems for an upgrade fee or for free, bundled with access, if they sign a 12-month agreement at $44.95 per month for High Speed service or $59.95 per month for Ultra service.

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Toronto, ON

Just Spoke To bell

Yup i am suppose to receive My Kit tommorow from bell. I just called them up and they gave em the tracking number and all that. They said my service would be activated on friday.

I asked abotu this new Netowrkign Bundle, basically a modem with a wireless router built in. For existing customers you can simply re-signup for a year contract and get the modem swapped free of charge. For customers who donnot want to re-signup it's a one time fee of 69.99

I was un able to get any specs on the modem (brand,model,range)

They did state that it will allow to connect one Wired Pc and the rest woudl have to be wireless. if anyone else has anyinfo on this that woudl be great. Kinda sucks that i have a router allready, or else i woulc have made use of this bundle.

Toronto, ON

Re: Just Spoke To bell

Here is the modem you are going to get.

»www.efficient.com/subscriber_net ··· ys.shtml

Ajax, ON
I have called 3 times, and had three different responses:

1. No idea about the offer, not available as far as they know.

2. CSR heard about it, no details. Read the press release. Says I can pay the $70, extent contract for a year, and pay no monthly modem fee.

3. called today and now they tell me to get this, I have to sign a 12 month contract at $44.95/month (not including modem charge). So $10/month extra for this unit.

If I call again, I'll probably get a different offer though. Anyone hear anything different? I'm a high speed, not ultra, customer.



who owns the modem/router?

anyone know if you get to keep the modem/router if you signup, pay hte $70 and then cancel after a couple of months?

These Are The Good Ol' Days.
GTA Canada

Re: who owns the modem/router?

The modem remains a "rental" modem from Sympatico. You just swap it for your current modem and then it has to be returned when you cancel the service.
mr weather
Mississauga, ON

Business-only networks?

I didn't realize that up until recently Sympatico only allowed networks on their business packages. Why would they care if home users did the same thing? They're only issued one IP and (at the time) the cap was in place so any over-usage would cost the subscriber any way.

Toronto, ON

Re: Business-only networks?

said by mr weather:
Why would they care if home users did the same thing? They're only issued one IP and (at the time) the cap was in place so any over-usage would cost the subscriber any way.
Rather simple, really: they didn't want to deal with the inevitable tech support calls. But now they have a product that requires no wiring and has a step by step installation GUI setup. They are also offering professional install for an extra fee.
Happy customer of TOROON08CGO
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Michael Extreme User
Laval, QC

Smart Stuff

Smart stuff !! wonder if they have this in cable modems
And that my friends is what they say is..That!