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TDS Telecom Offers 1 Gbps in New Hampshire
by Karl Bode 08:06AM Thursday May 29 2014
TDS Telecom is the latest company to jump into the 1 Gbps pool, announcing they're offering 1 Gbps service to select customers in portions of New Hampshire. According to the company's press release, Hollis, New Hampshire will be the first location to get the faster service. TDS isn't revealing pricing for the speedy option, but states it's available "for less than $100 per month with a bundle." The move comes on the heels of TDS' introduction of a 300 Mbps tier back in December. "While Hollis is the first TDS-served community with 1 Gig service, it won't be the last," insists the company. "This is just the start for our launch of super-high speed Internet."

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Mount Juliet, TN

Mt Juliet Next for 1Gbps?

As a TDS fiber customer I can only hope Mt. Juliet is on the TDS list for 1Gbps service. I wouldn't necessarily be interested in 1Gbps, but it would help the 300mbps and 100mbps service cost less. I currently have the 50/20mbps service and absolutely love it. So, there may be 100 or 300mbps speeds in my future if the price is right.

A good company with a no nonsense approach to business.



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Good Peering Too

Not only does TDS understand customer service, you can see here that they understand peering: »as4181.net/peering.html

Like Comcast, they have a footprint around the country. Unlike Comcast, they don't try to nickel and dime content, as their engineers know how to scale the network efficiently ... customers get gigabit to the home, and everyone is happy.


ARGGG Wisconsin!

Gigabit internet is getting closer to Ohio!! Please please please keep getting closer other companies! We desperately need a better ISP here.




What a random morning NH and TDS make the front page hooray for 1 gig in NH !!! Funny TDS is providing stellar back haul in New Hampshire and owns U.S. Cellular and yet USCC seems to be struggling with back haul connections to towers throughout southern NH right in the hollis area actually.

Tdschmitt what do u think of this ?

Hollis, NH


There should a correction. Not all of Hollis is serviced by TDS. Eastern portion is serviced by fair point communications.

I am one not serviced by TDS, about .5mile away and after speaking with the fiber project mgr they won't be expanding into fair point areas.


La Vergne, TN

I've been expecting this.

SWEEEEET!!!! Now hopefully they upgrade La Vergne, TN soon. We were one of the early fiber launches with them. Maybe they'll lower prices on other speed tiers also.

I love TDS! They've been nothing but awesome for the year I've had them.
100 Down/40 Up TDS FTTH / PFSense 2.1 Box on Core Duo E2140 with 2GB DDR2 / Cisco SG200-26 Smart Switch / Asus RT-N66U as WAP running DD-WRT.

Port Byron, NY


Good for your area served by tds this is the speed I get from tds for the last five years and I pay for the highest speed they offer 6 meg down

Last Result:
Download Speed: 410 kbps (51.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 483 kbps (60.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 164 ms
Jitter: 105 ms
5/29/2014, 8:51:47 PM