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TELUS To Bell... PAY UP since you started this.
by anon047 03:10PM Thursday Sep 18 2008
»www.crtc.gc.ca/public/partvii/20 ··· 665.pdf

in a surprse turn of events, Telus sides with PIAC and lays blame of the CRTC throttling proceedings mess soley on Bell. Furthermore, Telus sides with PIAC that Bell should be the sole entity liable for costs.

"2. TELUS does not object to PIAC’s entitlement to costs. Furthermore, TELUS agrees with PIAC that the apportionment for liability for costs be allocated solely to Bell Canada."

"3. As stated at paragraph 2 of TELUS’ Comments filed July 3, 2008 in relation to this proceeding, this matter is a competitive dispute between some of CAIP’s members and Bell Canada regarding a particular wholesale tariffed service. The Application by CAIP was precipitated by Bell Canada’s actions. TELUS participated only as an intervener, and therefore is not a direct party in this proceeding."