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T-Mobile Announces Network Upgrade, Sues Verizon Over Ads
by Karl Bode 07:13PM Thursday Mar 13 2014 Tipped by ArrayList See Profile
T-Mobile today performed a one-two marketing bunch by announcing a new network upgrade program while simultaneously suing Verizon for the company's network coverage maps. According to a T-Mobile announcement celebrating the one year anniversary of their LTE network, T-Mobile has stated they're working to improve their Achilles heel: network coverage.

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The company says they're pushing out a major new network upgrade effort they state will bring LTE to all remaining 2G/EDGE areas. According to T-Mobile, they'll finish about 50% of the work this year, with the upgrades "substantially complete" by around the middle of 2015.

T-Mobile also stated they're suing Verizon over the company's coverage advertising and maps, claiming Verizon's now-standard ads comparing network footprint to T-Mobile aren't accurate:
T-Mobile has taken legal action demanding that Verizon cease and desist the carrier's network map advertising, arguing that Verizon has cherry-picked a single network technology to depict in its ads rather than accurately reflecting the many technologies widely in use today. T-Mobile reaches over 230 million people nationwide with 4G HSPA+, which provides 4G coverage in many locations where LTE has not yet been rolled out. This is in addition to T-Mobile's nationwide 4G LTE coverage.
Wireless network coverage maps have always been, to use a highly-technical term, crap. They're traditionally already initially based on fantasy, and they're historically made ever-more fantastical through carrier marketing. As such, you could probably find any one of the four major carriers making a major bluff on any given day of the week, T-Mobile included.

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