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T-Mobile Brings 1900MHz HSPA+ to More Markets
Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and San Fran Expansion
by Karl Bode 02:12PM Monday Dec 10 2012
T-Mobile has launched HSPA+ service in the company's 1900 MHz spectrum in several new markets, and the carrier continues to woo unlocked device owners. According to a blog post by T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray, the company has turned on 1900 MHz in Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and additional portions of the Bay Area. The full breakdown of the expansion, according to Ray:

Atlanta, including the surrounding cities of: Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Covington and Conyers
Seattle, including the surrounding areas of: Lynwood, Bothell, Mill Creek, Edmonds, Redmond, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bellevue, Issaquah, Sammamish, Kenmore, Mercer Island, North Bend, SeaTac, Burien, Tukwila, Renton, and Lake Stevens
Minneapolis, including the nearby cities of: St. Paul and St. Cloud
Additional Bay Area cites include: Fairfield, Monterey, Napa, Petaluma, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Vallejo.

The carrier announced last week that they'd not only start selling the iPhone in 2012, but they'd be getting rid of the carrier device subsidy model, with customers paying either the full price for devices, or paying their device off in monthly installments. While the iPhone launch is good news for some, T-Mobile's network is far from prepared for the device, so you can expect the iPhone to drop sometime in the second half of 2013 alongside the company's first LTE deployments.

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Newtown, PA

Does a coverage map or comprehensive list exist somewhere?

Is there a coverage map of these markets -- like the one where you can plug in your zip code to see if 1900 MHz is active?
Alternatively, does anyone have a comprehensive list of everything lit up so far.

I know a few folks who have taken their unlocked iPhones over to T-Mo and it would be nice to tell them if they are covered or not.
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King P
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Murfreesboro, TN

Re: Does a coverage map or comprehensive list exist somewhere?

airportal.de is as close to one as you will get. It's constantly updated by folks that have had found 1900Mhz support, on non-tmobile devices.
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Snohomish, WA

Re: Does a coverage map or comprehensive list exist somewhere?

Those maps do take a while to generate an accurate picture, and T-Mo's map here has not yet changed from a month or 3 old one I printed out


Good post, shows tons of it in NYC and even a few spots in CT. So my Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100) should be able to work on it tooo then!

Apache Junction, AZ

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That map is bogus, it may not be showing 1900Mhz at all. Just because they are getting 3G doesn't mean it's on 1900Mhz. I don't think there are any phones that tell what freq. they are using. The only way I know of to tell is to use a spectrum analyzer to see what frequency you are using and it's still 1760Mhz here in Phoenix, not what they claim on the map. All those 3G spots are so far apart it's not too likely that anyone would be able to use one of them unless they drive right up to it though and most of them aren't really where they are shown to be on the map. I thought 3G and 4G towers were hard to find before but this is ridiculous. I'm going to drive to one of those locations tomorrow just to check it out. Out of hundreds of towers there is only one in the E. Mesa area but it's only about 5 miles from my house.

Hampton Bays, NY


Lets roll that into service also along with 1900Mhz already.




I'm looking forward to LTE on t-mobile myself, I recently switched to t-mobile to save money and I'm surprised how much I like it.

It will be nice when they have 3G on 1900, better indoor coverage and more phone choices.
Dallas, PA


Meanwhile - 15,000 towers still have EDGE.

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR


said by ssavoy:

Meanwhile - 15,000 towers still have EDGE.

I know!.... in Seattle too.

Anaheim, CA
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Cant wait for Tmobile to bring 1900mhz in Orange Country!

Cant wait to use Tmobile refarmed HSPA+ with my Sprint Motorola Photon on $30 prepaid plan! (yes, my phone can be hacked to work on At&t or Tmobile network)
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Apache Junction, AZ

Re: Cant wait for Tmobile to bring 1900mhz in Orange Country!

It looks like out of thousands of towers they aren't converting very many of them so you'd have to live or work right next to one of the converted ones to be able to use it. Remember they only have a range of about 1/2 a mile so if you aren't close to one you are out of luck. Out of hundreds of towers on the E. side of Phoenix I can pickup about 6-7 3G towers on 1760Mhz all around me and there's one "4G" tower 2 miles away but the only one shown on the map that's 3G on 1900Mhz is about 5 miles away, much to far to use unless I drive right over to it.
Calgary, AB


Hopefully, if they won't be subsidizing phones anymore, they will be selling only unlocked phones...
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San Jose, CA

Re:Does a coverage map or comprehensive list exist somewhere

ArizonaSteve wrote:
| ... map is bogus... don't think there are any phones that tell what freq. they are using...

Must enter cell-tower data from your iphone in Field-Test mode, such as LAC, CID, Downlink channel number (UARFCN).

Are you saying those collected numbers cannot be verified by the site?

The (few) map posts I've had opportunity to verify were correct.

Apache Junction, AZ

Re:Does a coverage map or comprehensive list exist somewhere

brookeKrige, I don't know where they get those UARFCN channel numbers or what they mean. I found out that my phone doesn't give a UARFCN channel number in Field Test mode and I have no idea how you would calculate the frequency if it did. It says Freq DL: 2087 UL: 1862 and I don't know what that means either but it does say WCDMA 17_21 Band4 so I guess that means it's on 1700/2100Mhz.
There is some more info about that on Howard Forums.
www.howardforums dot com/showthread.php/1748046-T-Mobile-is-deploying-1900MHz-HSPA-4G?p=14886615#post14886615

Here come the drums
Conroe, TX


T-Mobile is crap. I used to have service with them. Their coverage maps show this city bathed in 3G. All I got no matter where I went around the city was EDGE.

No point in talking about HSPA+ if it will be on a tower here, and there, or over there.



HPSA+ live? Maybe not yet.

Testing in Redmond/Overlake, WA area today(12/14/2012) shows 11.3Mbit/1.1Mbit with my HTC 8x showing "4G" on T-Mobile. That seem largely unchanged. The only connections speeds offered are 2G and 4G.