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T-Mobile Employee Stabs Double Billed Man For Good Measure
T-Mobile 'Shocked and Saddened' About Event
by Karl Bode 09:22AM Thursday Nov 15 2012 Tipped by N3OGH See Profile
A T-Mobile employee decided that the best way to deal with a complaining customer -- was to stab him. The 59-year-old customer went to a store outside of Philadelphia this week to complain about being double-billed, but according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, received a knife in the rib cage instead of a refund.

"Apparently he was double-billed. During the course of the verbal exchange, it becomes heated," a police officer tells the local ABC affiliate. "As the victim is going out of the store after the altercation, you can see store clerk stab him in the side."

In a statement, a T-Mobile spokesman insisted that the company was "shocked and saddened" to hear about the incident. It remains unclear whether or not the customer got his refund.

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reply to skeechan

Re: How to discourage customer complaints

A coupon for 50% off your next bill upon receiving a second shanking equal or greater to that of the first.

Anchorage, AK

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reply to DataDoc
She was parked, attempting to put cream and sugar into her coffee. Stupidity? Perhaps. She still didn't deserve 16% of her body to be burned and require skin grafts and two years of medical treatment for it.


West Tenness

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reply to rradina
said by rradina:

I don't know how badly the person was burned in the famous McDonald's hot coffee incident

3rd degree requiring skin grafts but hey let's complain about the reward without all the facts.

Not really sure what purpose serving coffee at 190 degrees serves.

Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA

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reply to covfam
said by covfam:

they sure that was tmobile and not AT&T or Verizon?

You can tell it wasn't AT&T because the customer wasn't charged a fee for the knife.
Teabaggers: Destroying America is Priority #1

Tavistock NJ

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This could just be a new customer service pgm being tested out to discourage customer complaints in order to reduce customer service costs.