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T-Mobile Finally Gets The iPhone
Will Offer Device Sometime in 2013
by Karl Bode 12:49PM Thursday Dec 06 2012 Tipped by IPPlanMan See Profile
Confirming some earlier Wall Street leaks, T-Mobile today announced that they'll finally offer its customers the iPhone starting in 2013. The company unveiled the announcement via a single sentence a press release addressing Deutsche Telekom's future financial moves. The announcement fails to get specific about exactly when in 2013 iPhone support will materialize.

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"T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013," is all the press release states. By "products," the company likely means both the iPad and the iPhone.

Up until now the company has so far focused on launching HSPA+ service over the company's 1900 MHz spectrum, trying to lure unlocked iPhone owners over to their network.

Despite the announcement, the company's network simply isn't ready yet to accommodate the device. HSPA+ over 1900 MHz is only available in 15 markets while T-Mobile's LTE network, slated for a 2013 launch, is available in none.

The iPhone on T-Mobile's launch will likely come at the same time T-Mobile launches its first LTE markets, and T-Mobile hasn't gotten specific about when that will be. T-Mobile has stated they hope to reach 200 million people with LTE by the end of 2013, with the upgrades completed entirely sometime in 2014.

Update: While they're sort of beating around the bush with press statements, from the sounds of things while T-Mobile will offer the iPhone, it won't be subsidized, meaning you'll have to pay full price for the iPhone on T-Mobile as the carrier moves away from the subsidy model.

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