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T-Mobile Lights Up More Cities With HSPA+
Company says they're offering '4G speeds' (not to be confused with 4G)
by Karl Bode 10:04AM Tuesday May 25 2010 Tipped by Gbcue See Profile
According to an announcement by T-Mobile, the company has expanded the availability of their faster HSPA+ wireless broadband upgrades. The faster service is theoretically capable of speeds up to 21 Mbps, though of course users in real-world settings are seeing substantially less. Still, T-Mobile's confident enough in the speeds they're delivering to claim they're now offering "4G speeds" in their press release, even though the technology they're using isn't 4G. The company's release notes expansion in a number of markets, many of them in the northeast:
...T-Mobile announces the further build-out and widespread availability - right now - of its super-fast network in adjoining regions, including Upstate New York (Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse), Connecticut (Hartford, New Haven, Milford and Stamford) and Providence, R.I. Already live in Philadelphia, as well the Washington, D.C. suburbs, T-Mobile's HSPA+ network will expand into Boston and Washington, D.C. in the coming weeks, further enhancing the Northeast corridor with 4G speeds. In addition, customers in Memphis, Tenn., and Las Vegas, also now can stay connected on T-Mobile's high-speed mobile broadband network.
According to T-Mobile, their HSPA+ network now covers more than 30 million users, and the company plans to deliver "4G speeds" to roughly 185 million people before the end of the year. As for actual T-Mobile 4G service, the company is still weighing its options.

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when t-mobile actually bothers to provide ANY service in my area.
As it's been said a million times, T-Mobile focuses on urban areas. If you aren't there, too bad.
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