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T-Mobile Says HSPA+ Outperforms Mobile WiMax
Again confirms their network goes to eleven 42 Mbps
by Karl Bode 09:41PM Thursday Nov 04 2010 Tipped by Gbcue See Profile
T-Mobile's third quarter earnings mirrored Sprint's somewhat, in that the company saw new subscriber growth (137,000 net additions), but suffered a financial hit from having to cover for all of those up front phone subsidy costs. Mired in the middle of an almost interesting industry marketing feud over the definition of 4G, T-Mobile this week is turning up the marketing smack talk, telling GigaOM their network outperforms Sprint's Mobile WiMax:
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Ray said that in tests their HSPA+ network has been going toe-to-toe with WiMAX in terms of performance. "In many markets we’re actually beating that performance," he said. For now, HSPA+ has theoretical capability of 21 megabits per second, and the speeds go up 42 Mbps next year. To average customers, he said that the company was “seeing peaks in the north of 10 megabit per second range."

Of course, there aren’t as many users on the T-Mobile HSPA+ network, but Ray pointed out the network is outperforming AT&T’s. “We are certainly delivering much better speeds across a broader geography, and it’s a much higher and faster speed performance than what’s out there from the HSPA devices that we’ve carried ourselves and that AT&T is carrying today,” he said.
T-Mobile also goes on to claim that consumers will be "disappointed" by Verizon and AT&T's LTE deployments, because both carriers "don’t have enough spectrum" and there will be limited volumes of LTE-capable smartphones the first few years.

It's quite a lot of smack talk from the country's fourth largest wireless company, who was apparently buoyed by the recent ITU declaration that nobody in the United States is technically building a 4G network.

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