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T-Mobile Targets Sprint With New Unlimited Data Promo
by Karl Bode 12:21PM Thursday Aug 21 2014
T-Mobile took a shot at Sprint, AT&T and Verizon today with a new promotion that gives the company's Simple Choice plan users unlimited LTE data for a year if they bring another user over to T-Mobile. If the Simple Choice plan users already have unlimited data, users will receive a $10-per-month credit for a year.

"Rescuing a Sprint (or Verizon or AT&T or other) customer is simple," T-Mobile wrote in announcement. "Starting next Friday, August 29th, T-Mobile customers just report their good deed at You'll need your T-Mobile number and your friend's number they've ported over. When you report a successful rescue mission within 30 days of your friend's activation with T-Mobile, the unlimited LTE data service or bill credit for both of you will start that month."

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Palm Coast, FL
·Bright House Net..

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I am okay with this!

T-Mobile doesn't have the best service/coverage, but I am okay with them shaking up the industry like this. I hope more people switch to them and they make AT&T/Verizon/Sprint sweat a little more.