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T-Mobile's Crazy Plan to Treat Consumers Better is Working
by Karl Bode 09:21AM Friday Apr 18 2014
A new report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners finds that being consumer friendly is paying dividends for T-Mobile. T-Mobile's share of new subscribers grew more than any other wireless carrier last quarter. Though they only had the third largest growth by volume, the company's 15% growth rate is higher than last quarter's 13%. And it comes at a time when AT&T's growth slowed from 29% to 28%. It's not staggering movement to be sure, but T-Mobile's decision to starting treating consumers a little better is clearly working. Most Wall Street analysts expect T-Mobile to see the biggest gains when carriers report their 2014 first quarter earnings over the next few weeks.

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reply to Hyperbole

Re: AT&T grows 28% to TMO 15% and this is a TMO win?? Why?

It's good because T-mobile is picking up steam and gaining more customer's faster.
The fact that their growth rate is increasing shows they are doing the right things to get more subscribers.
No one said T-mobile was the #1 carrier, just that it signals that they are doing the right thing


Waterford, MI

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reply to Hyperbole

What parts of "TMO's growth gained," "'at&t's growth slowed" and "not staggering" did you miss?