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T-Mobile’s First HSDPA Handset Goes Live
As carrier continues to expand its 3G network
by KathrynV 01:02PM Saturday Sep 06 2008
When it was announced that the Google Android platform would launch with the HTC Dream on T-Mobile’s network, many eyebrows were raised at the choice to go with a carrier that has such a small 3G footprint. However, T-mobile has been working quietly on developing that network and has now announced the release of their first HSDPA handset, the Sony Ericsson TM506. This phone is the first of T-mobile’s phones to allow third-party Java applications to access the Internet which speed tests have shown is being done at speeds exceeding 700 kbps. Incidentally one report (with somewhat fuzzy results) has said that the U.S. is now caught up to Western Europe in the adoption of 3G.

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Funny, It Worked The Last Time
Milpitas, CA

Here we go again !

I wonder IF T-Mo's HSDPA service is better than at&t's 3G ?. Then again, since there are NOT that many on T-Mo's network it may just work fine and when the word gets around people flock to it and then bam T-Mo will be busy with tech-support calls!. I just hope it works out for them. I like to cheer on for the underdogs and see them win.
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Austin, TX

Re: Here we go again !

When I've been with T-Mobile in Austin last time, their EDGE managed to eek out less than 5Kbps and calls were dropping like flies. While HSDPA would probably improve the speed for right now, I bet it'll get to the same point of slow-like-a-snail fairly soon, as they're the cheapest GSM carrier.

Question The Current Paradigm
Da Bronx
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said by equus:

I wonder IF T-Mo's HSDPA service is better than at&t's 3G ?. ....
I have had an iPhone 3g for just about a month now, and am very impressed with AT&T's 3g speed. This morning the dslr iPhone speed test registers 1138kbps. While that's unusually fast (its usually between 700-800), I have found it snappy, reliable, and fast all over the city (NYC that is).

AT&T's national coverage, according to their own coverage map, sucks however. I have only taken it out of the city once. Just barely out, to North Bergen NJ, where only EDGE would connect at terrible speeds.

Point being, if coverage is the issue, AT&T is no bargain. If speed is the issue, well, 3g is fast.

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Re: Here we go again !

I have purchased both the UMTS enabled Nokia 6263, and the UMTS/HSDPA Sony Ericsson TM-506.

I live in the Philadelphia, PA market, where there is no 3G service from T-Mobile yet, but I see they are building new cell sites that will support their 3G platform.

The new Nokia 6263 performs excellent with GSM, although I re-flashed the Firmware to the Nokia OEM version to fix problems with the GSM to UMTS transition when it happens.

The Sony Ericsson TM-506 works perfectly with GSM as well as EDGE at this point, and I am waiting to see how UMTS/HSDPA works, just as soon as T-Mobile actually turns it on.

The Cell Site Antennas are set up for the new 1700MHz-2100MHz AWS-Band spectrum that they are going to run their 3G services on, which also leaves their phones proprietary for 3G, as AT&T runs their 3G services at 850MHz and 1900MHZ.

No 'Unlocked' 3G iPhones will work with T-Mobile, unless you don't mind GPRS or EDGE connectivity only.
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Beyond FM, Beyond AM, XM Satellite Radio
Cedar Hill, TX

T-Mobile already has 3G phones...

I thought there was a Samsung and Nokia that were T-Mobile 3G capable already out? This is just the first that their advertising as a 3G phone.

-Antwan L.
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Hingham, MA

Re: T-Mobile already has 3G phones...

I believe the difference is that previous 3G phones had only UMTS, while this new Sony Ericsson has HSDPA?

Tavistock NJ
said by antwanp:

I thought there was a Samsung and Nokia that were T-Mobile 3G capable already out? This is just the first that their advertising as a 3G phone.

-Antwan L.
There are:
4 of them are listed here:
»www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,23 ··· 6,00.asp

More here:
»www.google.com/products?q=3g+pho ··· toresugg
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This thread is worthless without pics
Brooklyn, NY


heard like some people usually do about a friend of a friend who said they used it and liked it. i, personally, would like to get it and try it since 3g i think is initially launching in nyc, right by me.

Jamaica, NY

coverage map

Wheres the map of 3G coverage? or too ashamed to show it b/c coverage sucks?

Austin, TX

Re: coverage map

Loo up T-Mobile on here and you will be able to find out the (few) markets where 3G is introduced. Then again, AT&T's coverage isn't too shining either and theyhave a coverage map. Just get EvDO already...

Freedom Isn't Free

Definitely need to see the map before I buy this phone or any other 3G T-Mobile phone.

Beyond FM, Beyond AM, XM Satellite Radio
Cedar Hill, TX
The 3G rollout isn't complete yet. Basically, it's NYC and surrounding suburbs, Dallas/Ft. Worth and suburbs, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. They're still rolling out city by city weekly, it seems...

-Antwan L.
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Google Android

Why can people not separate that Google Android is just an OS, and has nothing to do with any particular hardware?

T-Mobile for there good or bad is the first company to offer a phone that has the Android OS on it.

Next year there will be other phones and carriers, it is not like Apple and AT&T in the USA or Apple and T-Mobile in Europe with the Iphone, it is the matter of who gets the Android working on there phone or PDA first.