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TV Everywhere Only Available to 45% of Cable Users
Bickering With Broadcasters, Limited Competition to Blame
by Karl Bode 12:15PM Monday Jul 01 2013
The cable industry's "TV Everywhere" initiative was designed to offer users additional ways to watch cable TV content, primarily in the hopes of reducing the likelihood they'll switch to streaming options like Netflix. The width and breadth of these services is different for each cable operator, but all of them require that users subscribe to traditional cable to be able to, for example, stream certain shows to their iPad.

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Yet several years after the launch of the initiative, new data from the TDG Group shows that only 45% of the top 15 multichannel TV subscribers offer TV Everywhere services to their subscribers. What accounts for the slow deployment of these services? Bickering between cable operators and broadcasters, according to TDG.

"TV Everywhere is arguably the best response that the multichannel TV operators and networks have to the competitive threat posed by online video services, including those from Netflix and Aereo," states TDG analyst Bill Niemeyer.

"Despite this fact, TVE rollout has been disappointingly slow." "Ironically," notes Niemeyer, "the delay is not due to technology but rather business friction between TV networks and operators – the two parties who stand to benefit the most from a timely TVE rollout."

Granted TV Everywhere is also something cable operators deploy to compete with new telcoTV services and offerings. Given that a huge swath of the country's cable operators do business in areas where telcoTV is not and never will be deployed, the incentive to offer these kinds of newer services is greatly reduced.

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Some more info on this from original source

SFGate link not working. Try this for the story about TV Everywhere 45% deployed:
»tdgresearch.com/tdg-tv-everywher ··· -launch/

Cable & TV execs comment on the charge of slow TV Everywhere rollout:
»www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/1 ··· 107.html
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IS cablevision not high enough to be included in this survey. Cablevision offers its services to all its customers. So any station that is accessible over the net is available for all its subscribers.