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Telcos Still Balk at DSL to Fiber Upgrade Costs
Most Sticking With Fiber to the Node
by Karl Bode 11:30AM Tuesday Jul 17 2012
DSL continues to be the dominant broadband technology globally, and new report from ABI Research notes that telcos are still balking when it comes to upgrading those aging copper lines to fiber. Most telcos are generally following AT&T's lead and investing in less costly fiber to the node options, even if that means they're competitively incapable of keeping pace with cable's top speeds. The study (which avoids citing a lack of competition as a primary reason for lagging upgrades) notes that telcos are still generally only interested in running pure fiber if they can get government subsidies for doing so, something that's more common in Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Not so coincidentally, another new ABI report notes cable broadband is expected to see significant upcoming growth.

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Canonsburg, PA

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Re: When is it..

said by nunya:

Some day in the near future, I envision the only wired service coming to a home will be power. Wireless is where it's at.

Then you better hope your power company provides a fiber optic line along with the power cables. Wireless and fiber optics communications complement each other and the countries with the best fiber will be the countries with the world class wireless in the future. Batteries are where it's at too but I don't see the power grid being eliminated any time soon.