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Tethered iPhone: $30/Month, 5GB Cap
Coming 'soon' to a 3G iPhone near you...
by Karl Bode 03:06PM Tuesday Nov 11 2008
Macblogz has had an anonymous source telling them for a while that AT&T and Apple were working on making the iPhone tetherable, something AT&T themselves confirmed last week -- saying that you'd be able to use your iPhone as a HSDPA modem "soon." The blog's source at AT&T now says the plan will cost users $30 a month on top of your existing voice and data plan, and will come with a 5GB per month consumption cap. The source says that "for unlimited bandwidth, AT&T will tell you to get a wireless PC card," but as our users will be quick to point out, AT&T's wireless PC cards come with the same 5GB limit.

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