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The $58,000 FiOS Fire
Philly botched install
by Karl Bode 11:06AM Tuesday Nov 06 2007
Network World writer Paul McNamara e-mails us to note that Verizon FiOS installation crews are in the news once again, this time for a fire in a Philadelphia-area apartment. Installers struck an electrical line while installing FiOS, with the resulting smoke, fire and cleanup damage coming in around $58,000 -- at least according to the couple's attorney. From the local paper:
In the lawsuit filed in county court, Wood, 26, and Sammler, 22, say that Verizon representatives promised the company would provide housing for them at the company’s expense until they could find a new place to live. The company also promised to reimburse their out-of-pocket living expenses and replace the things they lost in the fire, they said.
Neither of those things have happened yet, and Verizon is only offering the couple $1,800. Verizon has traditionally been quick on the restitution when mistakes happen, be they home or garage fires. Network World's McNamara has had an amusing ongoing spat with Verizon over the semantics of fire.

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I knew they speeds were good, but it sounds like they are blazingly fast! They are on fire!

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