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The Black List
by sbrook 11:58AM Saturday Nov 03 2007
Sympatico hits the P2P news...


Net neutrality? What’s that?


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The Sympatico Black List

If we look at Sympatico's forum: »www.supportcommunity.sympatico.c ··· iseCode=

It does appear this has been over 1-year in the making. So those at Bell were well aware of what they were doing over a year ago!

Sad that they treat people like this.

here 2


Re: The Sympatico Black List

It finaly made front page news on www.dslreports.com

»Bell Sympatico Admits to Throttling

Wonder what took them so long?

heh hah


Re: The Sympatico Black List

Its on Slyk, »www.slyck.com/forums/viewtopic.p ··· 6cf91917

Hopefully it will make front page for the masses.

Its on Digg, »digg.com/ (more people need to "digg" it)

»slashdot.org/ (someone needs to bring this topic up front there)

Matter of time till people spot it and wake up.

Its even on google!
»www.google.ca/search?hl=en&sa=X& ··· &spell=1

Sly buggers


Re: The Sympatico Black List

Front page on Slyk
»www.slyck.com/story1613_Sympatic ··· Limiting

oh well


Re: The Sympatico Black List

may as well keep a running list of it:

»Bell Sympatico's War On 'Network Abusers'

»www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/1 ··· 1699.cfm

eyes open


Re: The Sympatico Black List

Financial post article:

»communities.canada.com/financial ··· fic.aspx

Of interest:

"While it's easily assumed the majority of that bandwidth is used to transfer pirated material, emerging software services such as Joost and Skype use legally P2P to handle content delivery may soon find themselves affected as well."

Yikes Bell blocking Skype?

may as well

May as well add this new one;


Gives some good info i find into some of it.

for u


In French

»technaute.cyberpresse.ca/nouvell ··· op_short