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The NSA Can Hijack Wi-Fi From Eight Miles Away
by Karl Bode 09:17AM Tuesday Dec 31 2013
Jacob Appelbaum made waves yesterday with a piece over at Der Spiegel highlighting the catalog of 50 different options (some rather amazing) that the NSA has at their disposal when snooping on individuals or organizations.

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Speaking at the Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg, Appelbaum shared a few more nifty details provided by Edward Snowden, including the NSA's use of pre-packaged exploits that allowed control over iOS devices and any phone communicating through GSM.

Der Spiegel has since added this interactive graphic that is worth taking a look at.

Applebaum also highlighted how the NSA's own slides claim the agency has the ability to use Wi-Fi to seed exploits via packet injection from up to eight miles away, purportedly using this tool "under ideal environmental conditions."

Granted the documents revealing this are from 2007, so things have likely evolved since then.

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Re: Eight miles away?

Home made cantennas can fairly easily reach 2 miles. With a budget of more than $50 billion, I'm sure any spy agency can make this work.