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The Well-Loved Cable Guy
He offered great service, but...
by Karl Bode 12:27PM Friday Aug 10 2007
The Cincinnati Enquirer has the strange tale of a cable installation technician who did about three installs a day, was well loved by some 170 customers in Ohio and Kentucky and was always reachable by phone. The only problem? He wasn't actually employed by Time Warner Cable and was installing their service illegally:
Warren told investigators he had learned to install cable by watching Time Warner technicians install it. And he said he still had ambitions of one day working for Time Warner and legally installing cable service, the detective said. Warren did not have illegal cable installed at his residence, Steele said. He told investigators his girlfriend wouldn't allow him install it, the detective said.
Warren was charging $35 to $45 for an apartment installation and $75 to $100 for a house.

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