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Throttled iPhone User Wins $850 From AT&T
AT&T Says They'll Appeal Ruling...
by Karl Bode 08:45AM Monday Feb 27 2012 Tipped by cfm117 See Profile
AT&T has been waging a quiet war on those "unlimited" users they grandfathered in 2010 when the company ditched unlimited data for new users. Not only is AT&T automatically putting those users on tiered data plans should they jailbreak their phones and tether unofficially (totally legal, for now), they've started throttling those users after 2 GB to quietly force them to tiered data plans. According to the Associated Press, an unemployed truck driver has beaten AT&T in small claims court because of AT&T's claims his connect was "unlimited." AT&T says they'll appeal the ruling. "At the end of the day, our contract governs our relationship with our customers," says an AT&T spokesman. A Validas study last week confirmed AT&T's throttling is simply an effort to push users onto metered tiers and isn't actually related to usage or congestion.

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