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Thursday Morning Links
by Revcb 06:59AM Thursday Jan 12 2012

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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL

TiVo CEO says AT&T could end up paying $300M+ to his company

»www.multichannel.com/article/478···n.phpWow, TIVO just needs to die.
They did not invent anything to force people to pay royalties. Our judges are very ignorant when it comes to technology.

said by Tivo Patent :
The key patent at issue was TiVo's Time Warp patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,233,389, which covers the simultaneous playback and recording of TV programming.

This is BS patent as you could always do that action with a computer before TIVO was invented.
said by Tivo Liars :
"What we're showing is how you get content on any screen in the home," said David Sanford, vice president and general manager of TiVo's service provider business. "Right now consumers don't have a way to get DVR content on multiple devices."
Again another thing you could do with a computer before TIVO was invented.

Tivo just needs to go under so companies can stopped being harrassed by these patent trolls.

Upper Darby, PA

800Mbps Next-Gen Routers?

I can't even hit 54Mbps let alone 800Mbps...



Congress and Sopa

They should just drop it altogether. This just proves that the government already has too much power.

Canonsburg, PA

FCC calls for free hand in spectrum auction

There should no more spectrum auctions until there is a build it out in three years or lose it provision. The members of the CTIA are hoarding enough spectrum already.