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by Revcb 07:41AM Thursday Mar 22 2012

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Tavistock NJ

re:Judge: BitTorrent Downloads Are Protected Anonymous Speec

Sorry Charlie, the original story was wrong and was a clerical error by the judge.

Update: Shortly after this article was published we learned that the order in question has been vacated.

It turns out that the order was drafted by a defense attorney and Judge Schumacher apparently signed it by mistake, assuming all parties agreed on it. This is bad news for the defendants and means that the mass-BitTorrent lawsuits in Florida state courts are very much alive for now.

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I'm from the government and I'm here to help.


Waterford, MI

"social TV integration?" Good Grief!

Don't have a Twitter account. Never did. Have no plans ever to do. Cannot get past the "twit" part, no matter how hard I try, and just don't see the whole point. Facebook? I finally had had enough of its nonsense, what with their constantly mucking-about with the user interface and apparently randomly deciding whose posts were important to me and who's were not (and usually getting it wrong). "Timeline" was the straw. No more Facebook for me. Still have Google+, but... I doubt you'll find me logging-in anywhere so I can instantly "+1" a show I'm watching.

I'll never forget the show that decided viewers wanted to tweet the actors during an episode, make comments about the scenes and get comments on the scenes from the actors. Constant stream of tweets displayed on the screen, most of which flew by too fast to read--even if you had wanted to read them. My wife and I merely found them annoying. Massive Fail, IMO. IIRC, we turned it off.

Don't watch much TV, anymore, anyway. Most of what's on, these days, quite honestly isn't worth the time out of my life.



CA, NY, CT as iPad HotSpots?!?

Whoa, didn't expect that one. Lot's of rich SOBs in these states for sure but I haven't really seen many iPads around here (CT) lately.

Since it's continuously being updated i'll check back on Friday to see what it looks like after 1 week

San Jose, CA

Re: CA, NY, CT as iPad HotSpots?!?

In meantime I got Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 from newegg for $280(refurbished). Sold out within 2 days from my order.



Re: CA, NY, CT as iPad HotSpots?!?

Aww man, totally didn't see those! I would have so gotten one. Just checked out pricing today as I was trying to decide between 8.9 and 10.1. I know 7 is definitely too small, not sure about 8.9 or 10.1. Gonna check out another 10.1 at Target or Best Buy or something. So mad now though that i missed on that sale!

San Jose, CA

Re: CA, NY, CT as iPad HotSpots?!?

Check Motorola xoom same size on best buy refb model. It has been selling cheap too and it includes 3G chipset upgradable to 4g LTE.

Superior, WI

windows 8 will never compete with iOS....

Because Microsoft and Windows OSs in general are used on desktops, that dont have touch screen interfaces, the metroUI is nearly useless, and a load of crap. its not low enough specs to be on any tablet yet(tho, MS did say it should get ARM support), and since it wont be on a tablet, why would I use a tablet OS on a desktop or laptop without the tablet interactions(touchscreen)? I look at windows 8, and I see 3 things that MS is trying to do: 1) iOS and OSx, whereas those two are becoming interchangeable with eachother(look up the changes in the next OSx update), They are trying to bring the WindowsPhone7 and Windows 7 experience closer to eachother. 2) They are trying to copy Apple in making a tablet/phone OS, possibly for a future product, but W8 is a "too soon" kind of thing. 3) step outside of both worlds, and look at windows 8 objectively. The file system improvements are nice, but its like a combination of windows phone 7 and windows 7, with all of the best features of Windows 7 disabled, and them going on pure looks alone. Microsoft has disregarded consumer input, and will once again, release a flop of an OS(Vista was NOT a flop, if you didnt try to install it on hardware made for XP, it worked wonderfully well). With the removal of the traditional start menu in the CP, we see the direction MS is really moving, and I doubt they will listen to anyone but themselves.