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Thursday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:49AM Thursday Apr 12 2012

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Flashback removal...

...just silly.

Seriously, I've been busy with (panicked ones only) clients, sending a script tool (thanks to tidbits for link) to them and guess what:
out of 103 macs I support, not one was infected.
(update, I am not complaining...I did benefit from this scare and educated some even more)

Has anyone found this malware/trojan on a mac, and taken a screen shot for proof of existence?

Oh and for anyone with a mac, have you tried Avast's Mac "beta" version? »www.avast.com/free-antivirus-mac
There is also the free, ClamXav for mac.
And not so free, Cocktail is a utility that also removes any malicious apps/attempts.
Plus mac users should be on Firefox, using noScript and flashblock.
Note that Apple is to push out on next update, a tool that remove this from Safari, if present.

Well, atleast it's not like some of those Vundo, malware, infections I've had to deal with on PCs... (MUCHO thanks to Lil'hurricance and crew for their vigilance in the Security Cleanup forum)

Irony: those (w/windows) with Norton's or McAfee installed. Removing resource-hungry AV software, is not unlike removing virii/trojans... (Stick with MSE and 3rd party apps like SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes Antimalware)