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Thursday Morning Links
by Revcb 07:48AM Thursday Feb 14 2013

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I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

Anti-Piracy Group Rips Off Pirate Bay Website, Faces Lawsuit

Hahaha.. How ironic..

I'd say, sue them to hell. It ticks me off that the rules don't apply to specific people or organizations.

Milford, CT

How The Web Became Just Another App Store

Yes, let's make it even easier for malware authors to run crap in web browsers.

And the only reason that Chrome is supposedly the most popular web browser right now is that Google has been paying software authors to include the installer with their programs. Probably half the programs you download today want to install the damn thing on your system. The boxes for Install Chrome and Make Chrome my default browser are checked by default, leading a lot of inexperienced users to end up with Chrome whether they want it or not.

Before they started doing that, Chrome was just another wannabe with a small following.

Plus, along with Chrome comes the Google Update malware. It installs and runs without your permission or your knowledge and can't be uninstalled or even disabled by normal methods. It's malware.