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by Revcb 07:25AM Thursday Dec 12 2013

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Caveat Emptor
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In a similar thread . . .

Century Link whines about declining revenue from legacy services. They have a problem. They cannot have their cake and eat it too.

IF they want to be called a telephone company, and IF they want to sell backhaul to ISPs, and IF they want to sell 100 T of fibre to Paris and London, they need to fess up and grow up. The legacy they whine so loudly about is rural America where they deliver DSL over copper that must be maintained as long as the are a federally registered telephone company. Too bad.

Sell out and become an MVNO! Your only problems will be selling 4,000 customers on copper in 600 square miles. And the little fact that Mexican owned Tracfone has the MORE wireless and wired phones in North America than anyone.

Why would anyone who suffers with CL poor wired services take a chance on their new MVNO when we know how well TracFone works? I would not. I just bought TracFones for gifts.

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