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TiVO Sues Time Warner Cable, Motorola Over DVR Patents
TiVO's Courtroom Adventure Tour Continues...
by Karl Bode 02:33PM Monday Mar 26 2012
Back in January TiVO got AT&T to pay out $215 million for DVR-related patent violations, or roughly $59.72 for each of AT&T's 3.6 million U-Verse TV subscribers. This was after Dish was forced to pay out nearly twice that amount. TiVO's now setting their sights elsewhere, and have sued both Time Warner Cable and Motorola for patent infringement. According to Forbes, there's three patents in question, all covering some facet of time-shifting capabilities.TiVO's also busy cutting prices on TiVO subscriptions in the hopes of appealing to cable customers who are tried of monthly DVR rate hikes like the kind being imposed by Verizon FiOS.

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