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Time Warner Cable CEO Worries Merger Approval to Be Delayed
by Karl Bode 02:35PM Tuesday Jul 29 2014
In a leaked memo to employees by Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus, Marcus worries that the FCC is so busy with other issues (DirecTV AT&T merger, looming Sprint T-Mobile merger, net neutrality, municipal broadband) that the company's merger with Comcast will very likely see delays. "At a minimum, these other deals in the telecom space may put a strain on the resources of the FCC, which is already busy with its proceedings on 'net neutrality' and the auction of additional wireless spectrum," notes Marcus. "In the meantime, recent speculation about mergers and acquisitions in the content world are adding more fuel to the public debate about whether consolidation is good or bad for consumers."

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Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: New York Has Put the Merger on Hold

TWC Maxx offers superior speeds, pricing, and service with no data caps. I wish it were everywhere as well, but at least TWC has a plan for something other than usage-based billing, Comcast's only current broadband innovation.

Agreed, but to play a bit of devil's advocate, would LA & NYC have Maxx today if it weren't for the Charter / Comcast merger discussions? The timing of Maxx seems to be a last-minute response to criticism that TWC has been slow to upgrade their infrastructure.

Comcast has lots of faults, but they do have a history of aggressively promoting new technology. They were one of the first to have DOCSIS 3, and their X1 platform seems well ahead of anything TWC or Charter has to offer.

I'd rather TWC stay a separate company, but give credit where it's due.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

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Re: No mention of the TW CEO's golden parachute ?

His windfall should be taken away and given to the employees that will be getting the axe once their jobs are classified as redundant.
Filan - Aurin Spellslinger - Pago - Team Legacy

Germantown, OH

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I'm surprised that nothing was added about how poor, ole Rob will have to wait even longer for his multi-million $ windfall that he'll receive after this deal is done...


Roslyn Heights, NY

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Re: Legitimate concern over SLOWNESS of regulators

Comcast and Time Warner are not successful in the present? If regulators being slow causes companies to not be successful, then how are these 2 successful?

This is not a typical merger and due diligence should be practiced.

Yarmouth Port, MA

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This is not a world-wide economy, or even a free economy. It's monopoly CATV. It's PROTECTED from the economy. It's not like some upstart competitor is waiting in the wings.
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