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Time Warner Cable Considering Yet Another Obnoxious Fee
$7 'We'll Keep Your Equipment Upgraded' Fee
by Karl Bode 09:14AM Tuesday Nov 13 2012
Time Warner Cable is sending a mailer out to some users inquiring whether they'd be interested in paying $7 a month to guarantee "reliable service." The idea, as suggested in the survey e-mail, is that for your $7 a month users would be ensured that they have the latest and greatest DVR, modem and other household equipment as gear gets updated and improved. The company has already come under fire for recently imposing a new $4 modem rental fee. This fee would presumably be on top of that fee, though the company doesn't specify. From the e-mail to users:
"As technology, Internet speeds, and entertainment options keep getting better, you want, and need, your equipment to keep up. That’s why we’re introducing Time Warner Cable’s Future Proof Guarantee. Starting next month you will see a $6.99 equipment lease fee on your bill, which will guarantee you have the right equipment for all your TWC services. That means we will keep your Modem, and DVR set-top box up-to-date so you can enjoy a seamless, reliable experience and the service you expect."
Obviously many will argue that keeping customer equipment upgraded could be considered the cost of doing business and that the company continues to try and price gouge customers due to limited competition in most of its markets. Fortunately Time Warner Cable is only considering this fee, and it appears so far the fee could be optional. All the same, from metered billing to obnoxious new fees, Time Warner Cable continues to make it clear that this is a company that doesn't much care what consumers think.

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