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Time Warner Cable Denies Throttling YouTube
As Mystery of Poor YouTube Performance Continues...
by Karl Bode 09:46AM Monday Jun 17 2013
As we've noted previously, despite serious advancement in broadband speeds, many ISPs have been having serious problems offering a consistent YouTube streaming experience over the last years -- including faster options like Verizon FiOS. By and large I've noted that given this is a problem across numerous ISPs, it would appear to be an unspecified peering or YouTube issue that causes the problems. To be clear on this front, Time Warner Cable issued a blog post late last week stating clearly that the company does not throttle YouTube traffic.

"Delivery of video and other data over the Internet is a complex matter with many, many variables contributing to each particular end-user experience," said Time Warner Cable's Jeff Simmermon. "But we can assure you that, at Time Warner Cable, we don’t throttle traffic."

Given that Time Warner Cable's throttling of YouTube traffic wasn't in the news last week (though their attacks on Internet video in general were), the company appears to be responding to user realizations that blocking certain IP ranges appears to improve streaming performance for some users (this doesn't work for all users). While originally highlighted as a Time Warner Cable specific fix, this appears to resolve issues across numerous ISPs.

With Time Warner Cable's denial the mystery of poor YouTube performance continues. The company strongly hints that the culprit is poorly balanced and managed CDN servers on certain networks, something we're also seen cited in engineer conversations. Though I've yet to see specific CDN networks singled out, many believe that select servers are simply overloaded with user requests, resulting in poor streaming performance.

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