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Time Warner Cable Expands 100 Mbps Into New Markets
by Karl Bode 10:08AM Tuesday Oct 29 2013
Time Warner Cable has expanded their 100 Mbps broadband offering into a second market: Los Angeles. In a blog post, Time Warner Cable's Andrew Russell states that the company's Ultimate 50 tier customers in LA are now being automatically upgraded to Ultimate 100 at no extra cost. Russell also notes that the upgrades should be coming to several other markets shortly.

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"Ultimate 50 residential customers in New York City and Hawaii will be upgraded by year’s end," notes Russell. "By early 2014, all customers in these markets will have access to Ultimate 100, with more TWC markets to follow next year."

So far, Time Warner Cable has only offered the 100 Mbps tier in Kansas City as a competitive response to Google Fiber, only after the company repeatedly insisted there was no demand for the faster, cheaper service being provided by Google.

Time Warner Cable has been considerably less aggressive in deployment of faster speeds than Comcast, and while the company likes to refer to this policy of limited upgrades as "tactical," it's really simply a response to a lack of more meaningful competition in most of the cable operator's markets. AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS overlap a much smaller portion of Time Warner Cable's footprint.

Time Warner Cable also had one small announcement regarding slower speeds. The company says they're doubling the speed of their Lite Internet tier to 2 Mbps for $15 a month (I'm assuming that's a bundled price point and am trying to confirm) starting November 2.

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Hilton, NY

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I was excited by this story & then i remembered i lived in Upstate NY.

So us folks in Rochester can HOPE for this speed bump somewhere around 2016 or 2017 Since TWC only has Frontier & its blistering DSL speeds to compete with. Super.