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Time Warner Cable Gives Three Months of Free Showtime
by Karl Bode 06:58PM Thursday Dec 19 2013 Tipped by cabana See Profile
After losing a significant number of customers last quarter after their feud with CBS blacked out content for millions of users, Time Warner Cable appears interested in spreading a little holiday cheer. According to a post in our forums, Time Warner Cable customers are being sent mailers giving them three free months of Showtime (assuming they are in good standing and don't already subscribe to the channel). According to users, customers are given a code and are told to enter it at this website, though users also note customers can call 1-866-444-8937. There's some codes being passed around in our forums, though note Time Warner Cable's response time to the offer appears sluggish due to customer demand.

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Chicago, IL

Good deal

Good deal if they turn off Showtime without you calling in at the end of three months.


Columbus, OH

Re: Good deal

Your thinking logically, there is no time fo dat at TWC.

St. John 3.16
Forest Grove, OR

Wouldn't count on that. And better start the turn me off process about three months in advance to avoid getting charged while trying to get it turned back off.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
Wanna bet you have to cancel it, or else get billed?


Birmingham, AL


Is this specifically in response to CBS? If so, it's kind of ironic since CBS owns Showtime
Sandy, UT

Re: CBS?

Response? Sounds like a deal with CBS. TW offers 3 months free and then starts billing people who don't cancel. Win for CBS.


Birmingham, AL
That's how every "free premium for three months" promo works. They're not scamming anyone, it's in the disclosures. Why else would they do it if not to attempt to increase their ongoing subscriptions?



Sub drops are the reason

SHO has a minimum number of guaranteed subscribers just like magazines do with their advertisers... This is another sign that customers will not continue to pay for shows that dont interest them... I would rather spend my $8 on better on-demand content through , than pay TWC more monies!

TWC like all big cable is doomed in the long run for video services, I will only buy data services from them.

Carlsbad, CA

Free SHO - my experience with it

Hi all...
After I entered the code, it said I would get an emailed confirmation. I didn't, so I emailed support the next morning. Funny, yes.. I know.. Regardless, no email, no response, however, after 2 long days it popped in. I checked it with my TWC iPad app before wasting my time adding the channels on my TiVo. All 8 or so channels work fine but typical with Showtime, the content sucks.

I can confirm all HD, FAMZP, SHOW, WOMANP, NEXTP, etc works. As well, the on-demand channels using the iOS app and the new on-demand content now (finally!) on Roku as well.

It is stated that I need not cancel. It will cancel itself. If it doesn't and I get charged, I've never had issues (knocking on my wood..) at my local office with credits and service add-ones or disconnects.

Now, if they could work on that content then I'd be happy. It's mostly Series like Homeland and Masters of Sex with a few good oldies here and there. My wife loves the "FAMZP" channel content with 80's teen comedies like Adventures in Babysitting and Uptown Girls. I checked out the Big Labowski and finally watched Lincoln. So... Yea... Free...

I have to add that I laughed my ass of with this title on WOMENP : "Batbabe: The Dark Nightie". In the description, "... Porn-stealing mastermind known as The Jerker". Ha. Kills me. Worth it just for the title! No... not gonna watch it... Maybe.. Ha...

- Danny B

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable

yet another opportunity lost

if the executive cabletv fossils had half a brain between them, they would have offered something that internet only twc customers could stream for free, since the cord cutters already dropped twc and can't take advantage of this st offer. giving something for internet only customers to watch they can't normally get anywhere else but through a cabletv provider might have persuaded some cord cutters to come back to paying for cabletv.



big deal

after the new year they raise the bill again hahahahah nothing is for free