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Time Warner Cable Giving Automatic Sandy Refunds
As ISPs Trip Over One Another to Be The Most Accomodating
by Karl Bode 07:56AM Friday Nov 09 2012
ISPs have been trying to one up one another in terms of which company can be the nicest to Sandy victims -- with ISPs including Cablevision, Verizon and Comcast issuing service credits even if customer outages were the result of power outages (which was most of them). Time Warner Cable is the latest, now saying customers impacted by Sandy won't even have to call in to get a service credit. "As service is restored, Time Warner Cable will automatically apply credits for residential customers’ TV, Internet and Home phone services (including applicable equipment) and for business customers’ Business Class services in areas where the vast majority of customers experienced an extended outage," says the company. "This credit will automatically appear on customers’ statements, labeled “Hurricane Sandy Credit."

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Mechanicsville, VA

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If this was anywhere...

Other than NY and NJ, they would be demanding that the residents pay up for their lost boxes immediately!!


Re: If this was anywhere...

I've noticed this too.

If this were say, Alabama, we'd have some angry people here posting already how they were charging people $700 for destroyed boxes.

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
Sadly, this seems very true.

If outside NY, it takes disaster victims to get their issues to some sort of media outlet before the ISP's suddenly stop wanting to screw the consumers in the area.

Squire James

Common Sense

I imagine the call volume of people asking for refunds would be so high that it would actually be cheaper to avoid all the phone overhead and just issue the refunds. Also, people with flattened homes are unlikely to pay their bill anyway. It's a common-sense solution you'd almost never see from the government if they were in charge of such things (note my use of the word "almost" to cover those "stopped clock is right twice a day" cases).

West Milford, NJ


So how long before they use the infrastructure repair costs to justify huge rate increases?

Rosendale, NY

What a line of BS

I just got my bill for last month, and guess what? NO REFUND!

I'll have to spend at least a half hour on hold, and call them up when I get home tonight.
"Understanding is a three-edged sword."