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Time Warner Cable Increases Workforce in Kansas City
As Operator is Forced to Compete With Google Fiber
by Karl Bode 10:54AM Friday Aug 17 2012 Tipped by xenophon See Profile
Time Warner Cable is one of many U.S. ISPs that has, for too long, beneffitted from little to no real competition in many of its markets. The result is an ISP that tries just hard enough to keep up appearances, but which has been sluggish on system upgrades while usually refusing to seriously compete on price. Now that Google Fiber has entered one of their markets in Kansas City, Time Warner Cable has already been promising locals working on Google Fiber $50 gift cards if they dish information on the build, and now user xenophon See Profile directs our attention to the fact they're significantly ramping up hiring in Kansas City, bumping it's local workforce by about 9%.

One thing that may have to change is their top speeds of 50 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up -- which even among DOCSIS 3.0 operators is starting to look a little stale in the face of symmetrical 1 Gbps connections for $70. While you'd like to think these new employees will spend their time working on upgrading Time Warner Cable's network, they'll more likely spend their time rushing around and trying to get locals locked into two-year contracts before Google Fiber comes to town.

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