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Time Warner Cable Kicks Back At 'U.S. Copyright Group'
Insists flood of requests unreasonable, possibly legally unsound
by Karl Bode 08:49AM Monday May 17 2010
As we've been exploring, a new firm called the "U.S. Copyright Group" intends to make a business model out of suing users who trade copyrighted files. The group files off a significant number of legal threat letters -- hoping users will settle outright. While the group is getting help tying IP addresses to names from a large number of ISPs, Time Warner Cable isn't one of them according to Ars Technica. In response to a 2,094 person lawsuit against those who downloaded the Uwe Boll film Far Cry -- Time Warner makes it clear they aren't thrilled by the amount of work they have to do for this new effort:
Time Warner Cable does not have enough employees to respond to these requests. In a typical month, the company receives an average of 567 IP lookup requests, nearly all of them coming from law enforcement. These lookup requests involve everything from suicide threats to child abduction to terrorist activity, and the company says that such cases take "immediate priority." ... The company says that it has the capacity to handle 28 subpoenas from the US Copyright Group per month. Instead, TWC was hit with a request for 809 names within 30 days. In addition, the company has received two other subpoenas, both from the same law firm, asking for another 398 and 224 IP address lookups. Each lookup costs TWC $45.
Time Warner Cable is trying to quash the subpoena in the case, and claims that the U.S. Copyright group "has now simply reneged" on a deal struck that would have managed the flow of subpoenas. The company also claims that such a "copyright o matic" approach to P2P lawsuits may not be legally sound, though that seems to be an afterthought to concerns over the company's work load. The report also notes that Comcast and Cablevision are trying to work out their own deal with the lawyers to keep the work to a minimum.

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