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Time Warner Cable Loses More Basic Cable Subscribers
But Keeps Earnings Afloat With Continued TV, VoIP Growth
by Karl Bode 10:54AM Thursday Aug 02 2012
Yesterday Comcast announced they'd lost 176,000 cable subscribers on the quarter, fewer than analysts had expected. Time Warner Cable's earnings, released today, indicate Time Warner Cable lost 169,000 basic video subscribers during the second quarter, more than analysts expected. Fortunately for Time Warner Cable, the company still saw net income of $452 million after revenues of $5.4 billion, thanks to the addition of 59,000 broadband and 45,000 voice subscriptions. Despite the company's claims that flat rate broadband pricing wasn't sustainable, there continues to be no evidence of that in company earnings, profits seeing a 7.6% jump on the quarter.

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Time Warner nearly lost the same amount of TV customers as Comcast, and Comcast is twice as large, ouch.



Re: wow

I wouldn't worry about it. Their ratio's are good as revenue per subscriber keeps going up, and they are well on their way to ensuring their broadband offering is a solid financial play by monetizing usage.

East Amherst, NY

Re: wow

Sadly it's gotten to the point where loosing cable subscribers actually helps the bottom line:

The growth in residential high-speed data revenues was the result of growth in high-speed data subscribers and an increase in average revenues per subscriber (due to both price increases and a greater percentage of subscribers purchasing higher-priced tiers of service).

Video costs:

Video programming expenses grew 5.9% to $1.2 billion due to contractual rate increases and the acquisition of Insight offset ($2.6 revenue on video though)

Return of Capital:

Time Warner Cable returned $617 million to shareholders during the quarter. They have 12.5m or so subs, so that means $16.50 of your cable bill PER MONTH goes right back to shareholders in buyback/dividends.

Margins are UP:

Adjusted OIBDA margin(b) 37.2% 36.9% (2012 vs 2011)

Other items of note: HSI/VOIP now 40% of revenue, $113 ARPSR

Capital expenditures are flat for res (meaning new equipment costs are flat, so more speed, more profit).

Biggest loss in subs in the double play, gains in triple play. This means that if you have the double play, they are MUCH more likely to want to keep you as a sub. So get internet and video (phone VOIP), and squeeze them Look for almost pricing parity on 2play vs 3 play. (moving phone is a PITA)

Austin, TX
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I'm pretty much one of the 59,000

AT&T is slow at my new place (3 Mbps) and TWC is the only other residential option that isn't cellular or satellite. So a tech is coming the day after I move in to install 50 Mbps service for $80 + modem rental per month. I won't ever get phone or TV service from TWC, but if Time Warner offered a tier with faster uploads, I'd pay more for it. I suppose they'd call me a profitable customer...

Premium,ExMod 2000-03
La Grange, IL

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Subhead clean-up, aisle 6

How do you lose basic cable (TV) subscribers but keep earnings afloat with continued TV, VoIP growth? Isn't that a bit mutually exclusive?

Avon, OH

Re: Subhead clean-up, aisle 6

Maybe they are comparing basic cable to digital cable or other higher tier offerings?

New York, NY
Not sure about that one.

I have heard that some cable companies will charge more if you drop basic cable TV but keep Internet broadband access. ClearQAM would still work most likely which is part of the reason they want to start encrypting everything.

A Ninja Ant
United State
·Time Warner Cable

+1 new subscriber from my family.

Since the new house (rural ranch small mountain/giant hill) can't get good/stable over the air (OTA) feeds, no DSL/FIOS in Verizon area, and still need a landline for phone services (e.g., Fax).