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Time Warner Cable Offers $5 Credit After Super Bowl Outage
by Karl Bode 12:16PM Tuesday Feb 04 2014
Los Angeles area Time Warner Cable customers were more than a little annoyed over the weekend when the cable company's feed of the Super Bowl suddenly went dark during the end of the second quarter, and stayed out for more than an hour. The outage didn't do Time Warner Cable any favors at a time when they're trying to justify a higher price tag from Charter Communications, who has been highlighting Time Warner Cable shortcomings to the opposite end goal. Time Warner Cable has responded by offering impacted customers a $5 credit (the company highlights that only the SD game feed was impacted).

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reply to elray

so naive

did it occur to you that there are very poor people that need a tv cause they cant afford a pc or tablet and use tv as a primary means of cheap entertainment and information like when the next wild fire or drought hits LA. just because one is poor doesnt mean he doesnt deserve to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. there are places in the world where a village gathers around a TV to watch the super bowl. just cause u may live in a more affluent community like santa monica, you're clearly forgetting those in poor areas of the city/county. whatever the case time warner screwed up big time on this one.

said by elray:

If you can "barely afford to pay for cable", then you shouldn't have it at all - for you surely aren't managing your finances properly, and you are unprepared for the next fiscal crisis that will cross your path.

Every person I know in the aforementioned category you brought up, has more than one flat-screen TV, and those are second-generation purchases.

My fellow miserly friends I know who still have tubes, simply don't see the point of HD, and are waiting for their CRT's to die before they spend money on a replacement. Most of them have HD STB's, which down-convert the HD signal to composite, the result of last year's $1 DVR special. But even though they are wise enough to know to watch the HD channels, I don't think any care for spectator sports.

Pittsburgh, PA

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reply to pb2k

Re: The SD feed- does anyone actually care?

Grandma is very upset she couldn't see Bruno Mars.


Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

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You can lead a horse...

But you can't get them to punch in an HD channel number.

I shudder every time I see someone's huge flat screen tuned to an SD channel, then I realize that the content they're choosing isn't even worthy of Netflix, so I shrug and wander off muttering something about free will, cheap anesthesia, and the catastrophic consequences of the government monopoly on public education.

Meanwhile, the press and populist blogs enjoy another week of cable-bashing.