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Time Warner Cable Promises 300 Mbps 'Maxx' Upgrades...Eventually
by Karl Bode 03:03PM Thursday Jan 30 2014
Last November we noted that Time Warner Cable, historically a bit sluggish when it comes to next-gen broadband upgrades, was considering a brand refresh named "Maxx" that would include significant speed and TV improvements. A blog post and press release by the company today shed a little more details on these improvements, which the company say will first be coming to the New York City and Los Angeles markets -- "transforming their service as they know it."

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According to Time Warner Cable's Andrew Russell, the brand refresh may not actually be called "Maxx" when it launches; this appears to just be their current tag for the initiative. Maxx will include speed upgrades up to 300 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up, as well as improved set tops, new GUIs, a six-tuner DVR, and more.

While Time Warner Cable says that Los Angeles and New York customers will be seeing these upgrades sometime later this year, most of the rest of you will have to wait until sometime until "2015-2016." No price points have been announced for the improvements.

"With ‘TWC Maxx,’ we’re going to essentially reinvent the TWC experience market–by-market," claims Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus. "We’ll triple Internet speeds for customers with our most popular tiers of service, add more community WiFi, dramatically improve the TV product and, perhaps most importantly, we'll set a high bar in our industry for differentiated exceptional customer service. We’re focused on providing the features and benefits that matter most to our customers."

The announcement comes not-coincidentally the same day the company announced another quarter of significant TV subscriber losses, and amidst continued speculation of a takeover by Charter Communications. Charter has been busily highlighting Time Warner Cable service shortcomings in the hopes of validating a low acquisition offer. Prematurely highlighting upgrades still several years out for most is Time Warner's not-entirely effective attempt at deflection.

Depending on how the Charter acquisition attempt unfolds, "Maxx" may actually never materialize at all.

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