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Time Warner Cable Pulls CBS Stations
by Karl Bode 07:49AM Saturday Aug 03 2013
Time Warner Cable and CBS's retransmission fee dispute has very clearly hit an impasse, resulting in millions of Time Warner Cable customers losing CBS stations in the New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Denver and Pittsburgh markets. Taking things a step further, CBS has blocked Time Warner Cable customers from also being able to access CBS content over the Internet.

"We agreed to an extension on Tuesday morning with the expectation that we would engage in a meaningful negotiation with CBS. Since then, CBS has refused to have a productive discussion," Time Warner Cable said in a statement. "It's become clear that no matter how much time we give them, they're not willing to come to reasonable terms. We thank our customers for their patience and support as we continue to fight hard to keep their prices down."

In their own statement, CBS claims Time Warner Cable "has conducted negotiations in a combative and non-productive spirit, indulging in pointless brinksmanship and distorted public positioning — such as the fictional and ridiculous 600 percent increase CBS supposedly demanded — while maintaining antiquated positions no longer held by any other programming distributor in the business."

Time Warner Cable clearly felt it was a good time to blackout CBS stations ahead of the NFL season, which puts greater pressure on both companies. Amusingly, we've seen politicians who couldn't care less about this market jump into the fray during NFL season simply to win constituent brownie points. That interest results in more political discussions about new regulatory restrictions prohibiting such blackouts, which is why Time Warner Cable's striking now while CBS's Under the Dome will be the biggest casualty.

On one hand, CBS is greedily demanding double what Time Warner Cable pays for programming. On the other hand, Time Warner Cable pays endless empty lip service toward lower rates, socking customers relentlessly on numerous other fronts including soaring modem rental fees and higher costs for broadband and DVR services. As with all of these retransmission feuds, customers can enjoy bickering, being used as leverage, and content blackouts -- before these disputes are resolved, secret deals get reached, and their bills wind up skyrocketing anyway.

In short, you lose no matter who "wins."

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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN

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reply to W8ASA

Re: Rebate? How Much? I asked TWC rep and...

said by W8ASA:

I blame both companies, but TW is my provider, so they get most of the blame automatically because they are the ones who cut off the access.

And if Time Warner cave's to CBS's grossly inflated fees, Time Warner will be the one you blame when your rates go up. So what exactly would you have them do?


Portage, IN
·T-Mobile US

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Who cares?

Anyone who is actually upset because they cant watch some horse-shit on the idiot box needs to go outside, take the dog for a walk, go for a hike, read a book, or invite some distant family members that you haven't seen in a while over for a barbeque.

TV is alright as a time-killer or background noise, but anyone who actually CARES about "missing their show" needs their head checked.



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reply to W8ASA

Re: Time to switch to satellite?

TWC DOES care about their customers, hence the standoff against CBS. It's already bad enough when you start looking into how much TWC and all cable companies pay the broadcasters in order to carry their programming. Do you know how much the cost is per customer to carry Disney, or ESPN, or NBC, AMC, TBS...etc. etc. etc?? It's insane what these networks charge cable companies, and who pays for that? YOU do! If TWC didn't care about the consumer, there would be no extra pay channels, no rebate, no advice to use OTA antenna or streaming on other websites. That is ALL CBS. So when you miss Dexter, thank wonderful CBS for blocking a channel that you PAY extra to watch.

Greenwich, CT

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ota is king once again