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Time Warner Cable Retires The Roadrunner
Wants to 'Create Excitement' Around Eye Logo
by Karl Bode 02:34PM Thursday Aug 18 2011
Time Warner Cable has been talking about a brand change ever since they were spin off from Time Warner back in 2008. Much like their DOCSIS 3.0 network upgrades they're taking their time accomplishing this, telling Fortune this month (via Stop the Cap) that they're officially retiring the Roadrunner brand and mascot as part of a "brand refresh" strategy. The plan, according to a Time Warner Cable spokesperson, is to "create excitement around the eye-ear symbol," which the company has been using for a number of years. While Fortune wonders if the Time Warner Cable eye doodle is really any more sexy or exciting than the infamous Roadrunner, they're right in noting that the company's shift is driven by a desire to have a cohesive brand across services (see Comcast Xfinity and Verizon FiOS).

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