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Time Warner Cable Sells Clearwire Stake
As Attention Naturally Shifts to Verizon Partnership
by Karl Bode 07:52AM Tuesday Sep 18 2012
With their new Verizon Wireless partnership getting its full attention, Time Warner Cable is now selling their previous stake in Clearwire. Time Warner Cable has alerted other Clearwire investors like Sprint that the company will be selling its 7.8% stake in Clearwire, ending the company's foray into selling WiMax services. Time Warner Cable never gave hard subscriber numbers but the numbers they did provide were never particularly impressive despite the service being offered since 2009. Time Warner Cable, like Comcast, now sells bundled Verizon Wireless services while offering pre-paid gift cards to customers who bundle.

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Cleveland, OH

Cable MVNO

Cable has been doing MVNO for cellular for YEARS now and it NEVER took off due to they NEVER marketed the service to people and always charged MORE than going direct to the carrier itself and ordering. TWC/Comcast/Bright House all had their own cell company by Sprint and it didn't take off. Did anyone really think that using Clear would change that? The same will happen with VZW.