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Time Warner Cable Starts to Worry About Google Fiber
Company Gets to See What Competition Looks Like
by Karl Bode 02:44PM Thursday Jul 12 2012
Time Warner Cable is one of many U.S. ISPs that has, for too long, beneffitted from little to no real competition in many of its markets. The result is an ISP that tries just hard enough to keep up appearances, but which has been sluggish on system upgrades while usually refusing to seriously compete on price. However, the company appears to be rather nervous about Google Fiber's entry into Kansas City -- an effort that should result in residents getting 1 Gbps connections for relatively little money later this year.

GigaOM notes that Time Warner Cable has started paying local workers $50 gift cards (up to three a week) to provide valuable details about Google's fiber deployment. It seems unlikely that Time Warner Cable is going to start offering 1 Gbps connections anytime soon, but if muni fiber history is any example -- we should see Time Warner Cable offering some bundle deals in Kansas City. Deals users in other markets won't be seeing.
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Cobbs Creek, VA

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Re: The greedy incumbents should be worried...

The only way I'll get fiber is if I buy a box of cereal
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Time to claim my reward

Hey TWC, I heard that Google Fiber is faster than anything you could ever dream of offering. Where's my $50?