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Time Warner Cable Still Insists Users Don't Want Faster Speeds
by Bill Neilson 10:45AM Tuesday Feb 11 2014
Time Warner Cable seems intent on telling its customers what their Internet speeds should and should not be. As this website noted about a year ago, Time Warner Cable's CEO proudly proclaimed that none of his customers want 1 Gbps service. Why? Because current Time Warner Cable customers are not signing up for the fastest Internet packages available to them. Of course, the reason nobody is buying these packages is due to the ridiculously high cost and average quality of such packages.

Now, Time Warner Cable is telling Louisville residents the same thing.

In November of 2013, the city of Louisville, KY released a report showing that their residents were unhappy with their current Internet speeds. Recently, officials in Louisville reached out to local vendors looking to see who could provide gigabit speeds to residential areas that have such demand. Time Warner Cable, Louisville's primary provider of residential Internet service, currently offers a standard package with download speeds of up to 15 Mbps.

But even though Time Warner Cable applied for this gigabit project, they still do not seem to want to actually provide such speeds to Louisville residents because…you guessed it….their customers just don’t really want it:
...it's unclear whether Time Warner Cable is actually considering installing the type of super-fast fiber connections that Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's administration envisions. "Not everybody needs that type of capacity that a direct fiber network would provide, and that is what we are trying to balance out," Time Warner Cable spokesman Michael Pedelty said Wednesday.
The fact that Time Warner Cable has a city blatantly begging for faster speeds and yet they still seem to believe that they can continue offering expensive and slow Internet speeds is quite telling. It tells the story of how, much like other major ISP’s across the country, Time Warner Cable is a bit shell-shocked when it is forced to fight against actual, realistic competition.

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