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Time Warner Completes Insight Acquisition
CEO Michael Willner Departs
by Karl Bode 08:53AM Thursday Mar 01 2012 Tipped by lilhurricane See Profile
Time Warner Cable has announced that they've completed their acquisition of Insight Communications. Time Warner Cable announced the $3 billion deal back in August, and received regulatory approval for the deal from the FCC last month. The acquisition should impact about 750,000 subscribers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, though users shouldn't start seeing any real changes until sometime this summer. Insight CEO Michael Willner, who has long been a helpful regular around our forums, says goodbye in a blog post here. Users can keep tabs on our Insight Communications and Time Warner Cable/Roadrunner forums for the latest news.

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Tavistock NJ

Wilner gets predictable reply to his goodbye post

Wilner has gotten a lot of well deserved praise for his attempt to communicate with his customers thru his blog. But the 1st reply to his goodbye blog post was entirely predictable. An accusation that Wilner is just another greedy rich guy who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Dry Ridge, KY
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: Wilner gets predictable reply to his goodbye post

You mean Mr.Wilner is a 1 percent er. If that poster was in the same position He would've taken the money and ran all the way to the bank as well. I'm sure Mr Wilner sold most of his stake in the company back in 2005 when they went private. Anyway, I hope TWC maintains Insight's reliability.


said by FFH5:

just another greedy rich guy who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Hits a bit close to home, does it?

Canonsburg, PA

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Wow, could this mean a name change is next?

The Time Warner Cable name means nothing to Insight subscribers and it's been nearly three years since TWC separated from Time Warner. What better time could there be for a name change?

Toledo, OH

Re: Wow, could this mean a name change is next?

they'd be smart just to take Insight as the name. and they'd get insightbb.com

They also could have been smart and just kept the Adelphia brand and such since Comcast didn't want it and TWC did end up with it.


Columbus, OH
TWC is already planning a name change since they broke away from Time Warner, I doubt they will go with Insight. It's a lot easier to rewrap Insight's Van's then all of TWC's nationwide fleet, they can keep they eye, and just remove the Time Warner Cable part and add whatever name in its place, already seeing the new TWC logoed trucks around here and the logo Eye/Ear plays a big role in the branding of the vehicle then the actual name does.

Toledo, OH

Re: Wow, could this mean a name change is next?

that is true; but since when do companies ever do anything that makes sense.

I'd be interested in knowing if Time Warner Cable owns the "eye" or "ear" logo of it is part of Time Warner Media still.

Washington, IL

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Thank you, Michael Willner

for being one of the best CEO's in your industry.

I am a former Insight customer, and look forward to hearing your continuing views.

San Jose, CA

I wonder if customers has choice

Wouke they prefer Comcast or TWC? Or maybe Cablevision/Optimum? Anyway, it sounds to me customers will get upgrade after transition.

Columbus, OH


I still can't get a solid answer in Columbus as to whether or not the insight.rr.com emails will be changed to columbus.rr.com....

Along those lines, no idea on packaging price changes or channel changes. I've heard so many conflicting answers but none from Insight themselves. Will package prices be honored by TWC? What about the NFL Network?

I'm specifically talking in relation to Columbus...