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Time Warner Digital Phone Service!
by drake 03:53PM Tuesday Jan 20 2004
For those who aren't aware, Time Warner has started deploying their Digital Phone Service....Check it out!

Time Warner Digital Phone Service

Note: Not available everywhere...


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Quality of Service of TWC phone svc??

I don't mean the audio quality, but how TWC is going to be able to deliver responsive phone service, when they cannot do so with existing RR... high latency, lots of down time, 'peak time' slow downs. I can only imagine how their internet phone service will be at night: impossible to connect, dropped packets, calls cut off. and when the power goes out, no phone service.

If their RR service were rock solid, I'd indeed believe they could deliver VOIP, but as it is, they have zero credibility with me..(here in RTP NC)


Limestone, ME

Re: Quality of Service of TWC phone svc??

i have had the service for 3 weeks now and haven't had a single problem...
the sound quality is up to par with verizon.
even used a dialup modem for 15mins at 50,666 connection speed.

the only down side is when the power goes out...

John Olore
We switched to Time Warner's digital phone service, packaged with digital cable and Road Runner, at the end of November, 2003. Since then, we have had nothing but trouble: poor call quality, loss of phone and Internet for hours at a time, and absolutely abysmal "customer care."

At first, they insisted it was my router (I knew better). After a week of complaining, I finally reached a Level III tech, who was able to pin our troubles to high noise levels at our node. He credited our account for our troubles, and the issue seemed to be resolved in a day or two.

In mid-January, the problems returned. Further calls to Time Warner proved fruitless. E-mails were ignored. A tech was scheduled to come to our house to check our lines (which had already been done in December), and he showed up seventy minutes early, when no one was at home!

Finally, I got a response last week--after filing complaints with the FCC and the Better Business Bureau. For four days, I received apologetic phone calls, contrite e-mails, and impromptu visits from technicians, all of whom promised the problem was being fixed. I was told that they found an amplifier that had taken on quite a bit of moisture.

Late Friday evening, I received one last e-mail from the Director of Operations, assuring me the problem was fixed. I replied that we had experienced no problems for about 36 hours, and I thanked him for his efforts. The next morning, we lost phone and Internet completely for two solid hours, and spotty service the remainder of the day.

Yesterday, after a four-hour outage, I called Time Warner to cancel ALL our services. When I finally got through to someone, I lost the connection! I promptly contacted our local newspaper, along with the newsrooms of all three local television stations.

Today, I will be writing a letter to the Board of Time Warner. In addition, I will be contacting the Attorney General of Maine, along with our lawyer.

I have never experienced so much incompetence in my entire life (and I worked in commercial radio for 23 years), and I will be willing to do whatever is necessary to tell the masses what a mess Time Warner has created by rolling out digital phone service before it was ready.

Overdosed on confidence
Baldwin, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Re: Quality of Service of TWC phone svc??

That sucks John, I hope everything turns out good for you, Time Warner is atleast one of best Cable Companies in America, so hopefully your issue will be resolved and you can enjoy your services once more without interruption.
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Time Warner and AOL are garbage

I used to have AOL dial up service but after changing to Earthlink (which I'd still have if it was available here), I tried to cancel AOL. They would not cancel our service and continued to bill for months until they were forced to do so by the Attorney General. Also, I currently have Time Warner Cable, High Speed Internet, and Phone service. Our phone does not work 50% of the time, our cable is as slow as dial up, and we've had 3 faulty cable boxes. The customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with and the cost is outrageous. Avoid these companies like the plague.


Service is AWFUL

I whole-heartedly agree that the digital phone service as well as road runner absolutely sucks.

I have had their service for about 3 years and have nothing good to say about them. Lately the digital phone goes out for nights on end as well as REALLY spotty service during the day. We have to call Time Warner through our cell phones to actually get through. We recently received a letter from them basically stating that if you subscribe to digital phone and the service goes out and you have to call 9-1-1, you're screwed. This is just awful service and shame on time warner for charging top dollar for piss poor quality.

Can't wait to change to a difference carrier.