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Time Warner Pays Empty Lip Service to 1 Gbps in North Carolina
After Passing Laws to Keep State in Broadband Dark Ages
by Karl Bode 10:15AM Thursday Apr 04 2013
Time Warner Cable hasn't been exactly what you'd call a hero when it comes to furthering national broadband deployment. The company was behind bills in both North and South Carolina banning or hindering towns and cities from deploying their own broadband, even when nobody else will. They've been among the slowest cable operators to offer DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades courtesy of limited competitive pressure (thanks, in part, to the aforementioned bills). They've followed this up by pooh pooh-ing Google Fiber as a service they claim nobody actually wants or needs.

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Hoping you'll ignore all of this context, the company this week crowed that they're one of numerous companies bidding to help build the North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN) project. NCNGN is a coalition of companies, universities, individuals and organizations that are trying to build the kind of networks Time Warner Cable has thus far refused to, allowing Time Warner Cable to continue jacking up rates in the region (locals were just hit with another round of hikes last month).

Not wanting this pointed out, Time Warner Cable's press release tries to play up the company's love of the State:
"With more than 6,600 employees and 1.6 million customers in North Carolina, Time Warner Cable has a vested interest in the region’s continued success and development," said Rob Marcus, Time Warner Cable president and chief operating officer. "We have a long history of providing innovative technology to the state and believe our highly reliable, advanced network can exceed the future requirements of the NCNGN to deliver speeds of 1 Gigabit per second."
That history has included writing and buying the passage of bills that have ensured nobody will build the kind of networks the company just claimed they were so dedicated to. It has also included suing the hell out of any town that decides to build a network offering anything other than the slow, pricey speeds Time Warner Cable offers. So you'll believe Time Warner Cable's faux dedication to North Carolina, the company trotted out one of the local politicians on their payroll:
“Time Warner Cable has been a valued business partner for the state of North Carolina and is committed to seeing the state succeed,” said North Carolina Representative Marilyn Avila. “The additional infrastructure investment Time Warner Cable proposes will position our region with even more broadband capabilities that can lead to educational and economic growth."
This is the same Avila that tried to convince state lawmakers that fiber to the home technology was not reliable just so she could shovel an awful Time Warner Cable protectionist bill through the State legislature (it succeeded after four tries). Time Warner Cable is generally pretty obnoxious when it comes to being anti-competitive, but it takes some serious stones to trot out the same politician you used to keep North Carolina in the broadband dark ages to speak on your dedication to broadband in North Carolina.

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Houston, TX

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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: 1 Gbps is overkill

Why is this still a talking point. First off, you cant determine what someone else NEEDS. Secondly, who's to determine what you can and cannot have within your home. I wouldn't call my home setup a data center but is certainly NOT just a server.

Some of us absolutely need and will take full advantage of a REASONABLY priced 1Gbs connection. I currently have 8 VM's folding, the larger the pipe the more VM's I'd spin up. This is just one of the MANY ways I'd take advantage of fiber access.

I live in the 4th largest city of the USA (downtown might I add) and I can't get anything other than Comcast or U-Verse. No fiber...anywhere..in the entire footprint of the 4TH LARGEST CITY IN THE UNITED STATES...its retarded.