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Time Warner Preps High End 'Signature Home' Bundle
$190/month includes your technician showing up on time
by Karl Bode 11:14AM Tuesday Nov 23 2010
We recently noted how Time Warner Cable was testing new lower priced cable TV tiers that don't actually offer much value. They only save you $10 for one year off better tiers that include 80 more channels, can't be bundled with other services for a discount, can't include DVR service, and other restrictions. One analyst claims this is effectively a PR stunt "designed to fail;" pitching lower income (or foreclosure victims) that are cord cutting with faux low rates and restrictions -- designed to make it easier to upsell them more expensive services as soon as possible.

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More interesting to Time Warner Cable are their high return customers, and to that end the company is prepping a new "Signature Home" bundle for $190 a month. We noted recently the tier is being tested in Charlotte, and includes a large HD TV bundle, unlimited VoIP and 50 Mbps service. Bloomberg discovers the service also comes with technicians that actually show up at a specific time:
Time Warner Cable Inc. is set to try a new pitch for customers: No more waiting for the cable guy. There is a price, however. The second-largest U.S. cable operator will set a specific service appointment time for customers who pay $189.95 a month for a new premium package. The plan, dubbed "Signature Home," is being tested in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will roll out nationally within a few weeks, Chief Executive Officer Glenn Britt said in an interview.
This new Signature Home tier (which is $180 according to the Charlotte website) is only being deployed in markets where Time Warner Cable sees serious competition. Unfortunately, Time Warner Cable doesn't see serious competition in most of their markets, which is why they're among the slowest carriers when it comes to DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades, and why their TV "price cuts" aren't much in the way of actual value. It's also probably why they have the mindset that a technician showing up on time requires a steep premium.

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Queens RR

Flushing, NY


I just ordered something like this yesterday.
I already had wideband, but no video or voice service. I wanted video, and the tech said there would be a $45 installation charge. He said he can work with me if I do the triple play bundle. I told him that I have wideband, and there was no bundling.
In the long run, the total amount per month would be $170 not including taxes.
Installation was $25. I guess it was for the digital phone installation.

RIP goose
Rochester, NY

You don't have to be a consultant

to see what they are trying to do (»What the quote should be:).

I'm glad this plan is getting the publicity it deserves someplace.

Cleveland, OH


This will roll out in Ohio. Especially NEO! Can't compete with 2 other providers- U-Verse and WOW.

·AT&T U-Verse
·Time Warner Cable

Re: Ohio

They can't compete that well in Milwaukee,WI with AT&T U-Verse either.
The fastest U-Verse internet is faster than TWC 15 Meg/1 Meg.. locally anyways.

Locally, Time Warner Cable doesn't really attempt to compete.. even with the lower speed DSL (768k for $29.95 TWC vs. $14.95 AT&T [Dry-loop or otherwise])

Cleveland, OH

Re: Ohio

thats because they have this thing where they're a "local" company and they don't have to because their services and Customer Service is #1- blah blah blah.

I changed from TWC 354+(after a HUGE fight with them and being "unserviceable now" and the cable line is still connected from my house to their pole- yah when they disconnected/de-serviced be they left the line connected at the pole and cut it at my house- LOL dumbasses). but WOW gave me Digital cable over 300 channels (no HD or DVR, 1 box, and 15/2 internet (always speedtesting at 15.9/1.8) with no power boost. I pay $101.01 per month. TWC's for the same thing was $200 something the last i was quoted. RR itself for 15/12 was $70. ($50 bundled with TV or phone) TV (expanded basic) was $55.

TWC told my neighbors that all switched- fine! you'll be back since they're not a local company and their service is HORRIBLE! Well we're still all with WOW (never mind that over 2,000 people in my city switched to them in just 2 weeks)

Bedford, MA

On time?

technicians showing up on time? Did you see the herd of pigs flying down the street as well?
Charlotte, NC
·Verizon Broadban..
·Northland Cable ..
·Time Warner Cable

Re: On time?

said by old_wiz_60:

technicians showing up on time? Did you see the herd of pigs flying down the street as well?

When I had SH in Aug/Sept they were on my door step 45 minutes after calling them. Each time.

This is preposterous! As a cable guy I have to say I am appalled by this idea! Being late is the very essence of being a cable guy. Showing up on time is simply unnatural. My customers would be shocked if I showed up on time.

*goes back to his idling work truck to read a book*
I speak for myself, not my employer.

Tavistock NJ
said by old_wiz_60:

technicians showing up on time? Did you see the herd of pigs flying down the street as well?

The most profitable customers for a company getting the best service? Duh!! A multi-thousand year tradition continues.

Pittsburgh, PA
So if the technician fails to make the appointment, does the customer get a month free?

Re: On time?

If a tech is late and/or discourteous you can call up and get a $20 invoice credit. The few times I’ve need them, a tech has always been sent next day and always showed up in the allotted time window. Called up once due to a problem that was my fault, they were out here 2 hours later. Time Warner has the BEST handsdown support known to man, anyone that says different can fuck off.

digital is here
New York, NY

Re: On time?

Anecdotal story is anecdotal.

My brother has TWC here in Manhattan and their response to service issues SUCKS. See, I just negated your entire argument!

On the next level..

Conspicuous consumption

Uh, wow. LAME! The pic Karl put up had a lame looking guy trying way too hard to look cool while listening to headphones...what a cry for attention.
Don't believe me? GO LOOK Click this link, then click the back button

See!!!! He was totally cheesy and lame. Dedicated service? How so? Will they come and vacuum my floors while I am doing the dishes? Rotate the tires on my truck? Just how far are they going to be willing to go to prove to me just how dedicated they are for only $2160.00/yr + taxes, fees, etc.. $2200 is a ton of dough to be sloshing towards the drunken fat pig of a bloated cash vacuum cable companies are. There had better be a happy ending involved somewhere... It is the same cable as everyone else gets, it just costs more. Thanks Time Warner, you're a true pal.
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New York, NY


My time as a TWC customer with their oversubscribed nodes. All TWC did was schedule techs to come in and swap modems instead of fixing the nodes.

So they gonna charge $190 for a crappy service and just to have techs come in and swap modems? how great!

They can learn a little bit about FiOS technology!
Charlotte, NC

Really? Serious Competition? In Charlotte?

TWC doesn't have serious competition in this market.

Don't know why they rolled it out here first. Maybe we got lucky. I turned it off 2 months after I got it because the DVRs, bluntly, suck.

Cleveland, OH

Re: Really? Serious Competition? In Charlotte?

test market.



TW Cable

So they want to charge a premium, to Supposedly show up on time,(yeah, Right !) to have their tech tell me that the problem isn't with the cable system, but that my new TV has a problem. Despite the fact that it does the same thing on ALL the TV's in my house, and his test TV!!!!

Thanks, Time Warner.. Now THAT'S value....

The Power of YOU !

New York, NY

1 recommendation

WaPost story this am streaming TV site

FilmOn streaming TV site temporarily shut down by court

Seems can still d/l the free TV Player for it. CNN NBC CBS (LA) Bloomberg etc. Fast & clear. Has some icky movies for cheaps.

Let's Go Orange
Syracuse, NY
·Verizon FiOS


... what this means is TW is admitting their tech service sucks but if you pay MORE they will actually respond to your problem. It implicitly says if you DON'T pay then, well, the truck broke down on the way to your house.
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Brooklyn, NY

sucks, as usual

the 50mbit isn't even symmetric.. and the price/terms are terrible.

Los Alamos, NM

Re: sucks, as usual

Not any worse than Comcast. Still no D3 here either. The so-called deal here is terrible though. Dish/DirecTV are better video providers with respect to cost.

Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH

180 a month for what?

So this will replace my phone bill [50 bucks a month]
My sat. service [ 70 bucks a month]
Internet service [45 bucks a month]

into one "low" bill?

Sorry if I sound confused, just chking to see if this was an all in one deal.
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Re: 180 a month for what?

I'll stick with my

Phone: $8.25 / month
Internet: $29.99 / month 8x1
Netflix: $9.99 / month
Television: $0 / month

I'll use the other $142 per month for other stuff!

MidOhio Rollout

This package is currently being rolled out to MidOhio Customers (excluding TWA that have not been converted to TWC; IE: Motorola boxes). It includes Road Runner Turbo (15/768k), the highest video package, and Whole Home DVR (rolling out Cisco 8642 HD/DVRs w/ 500gb hard drives and 4642 Client boxes). You get 2 500gb HD/DVRs and 1 Client box per home; the boxes link up via MoCA in the home.



Roll Out

Wow, I hear this is now launching everywhere Time Warner offers service by the end of November. Its a lot more than just showing up on time too. I was in the test launch and they really spent a lot of time with me from the start to the end to make sure not only that I knew what I was getting, but how everything worked. About time a company took the time to help ME! For me that is worth a little more money.



My response to all of you as a former cable guy

First I know I will be flamed by some of you, and I know that some people have had some bad experiences with cable and many of their service and install techs are idiots; but read this anyway not all of it is flattering for TWC...

Yes this bundle is focused towards a better experience not necessarily value, problem is ALL TWC customers are supposed to receive a great customer service experience.

Time warner generally gives 2 to 4 hr windows for appointments, If your tech does not make those you can call in and get a 20 dollar credit for them being late, but they do also have 8am appointments where the tech will be there 8 am on the dot, they also in some areas have 1 hr windows but as a former tech over my 7 years there I was only ever late for a handful of appointments and generally called ahead to let the customers know when during their time window I would be there.

Yes the 50 meg service is not symmetrical neither is DSL, you may get symmetrical service if you have fiber to the house but I doubt if even AT&T would waste bandwidth giving you a 50 meg capacity for upstream, unless you are sending many large files out a huge upstream bandwidth is not needed as you do not send very much data, if you do need huge upstream then cable and DSL may not be for you, don't blame the provider for not having what you need you should get a service that offers that, like T1 or OC-3 or if u-verse or Wow offer it then get their service. But don't blame a service provider for not giving you something that only a few people actually would use.

Yes the DVR's SUCK when especially when compared to Dish Networks DVR's, TWC does have a Samsung DVR that is pretty nice but it is difficult to get that one.

If Techs were just swapping modems or boxes to fix your problem maybe you should get pissed and ask for a supervisor, some (many) Techs are complete idiots and or lazy and either put band aids on problems or swap equipment. But if you have more then 2 calls and your problem is not resolved ALWAYS ask for a supervisor, and if they don't help go higher, trust me usually if you get a service supervisor and tell him you want to talk to a manager they generally get worried and make sure things get fixed.

Some Techs actually care and do their best to help customers unfortunately many of those techs also speak out about problems that can be addressed and or fixed by upper management who then get upset and fire those techs as soon an opportunity arises. If Cable is your only option and you are getting bad service there are things you can do like call better business bureau or a utilities commission or even call and speak to supervisors and higher. most cable issues can be easily fixed you just need to get someone that cares about your service unfortunately people like that are far and few these days.