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Time Warner Trial Caps To Be As Low As 5GB/ Month
Beaumont, Texas customers better not love their HD...
by Karl Bode 09:11AM Friday Jan 18 2008
Earlier this week we were the first to break the story about Time Warner Cable's plans to implement overage charges (not that you'd know it by reading coverage by the Associated Press or CNET). An internal memo obtained by BroadbandReports.com highlighted the company's plans, but didn't contain exactly what those caps would be.

Multichannel News discovers that Time Warner Cable will initially be setting those monthly caps at 5, 10, 20 or 40 Gigabytes. Another interesting follow up can be found at Cable Digital News, who quotes Charter's CTO as saying "eventually, we will go usage-based."

We're currently going back and digging through Time Warner Cable's third quarter earnings, because we must have missed the part where they say they aren't already making a very healthy profit under the existing flat-rate pricing system.

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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

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reply to fiberguy


What they are getting, as per usual, is a plan to charge people extra money, or corporate greed. Since they want to charge for overages, why not make 5GB the cap--- that way everyone can be over! Woot! $$$$$$$$$$$$

The only thing these greedy companies understand is MONEY.

So, the answer is clear: You have to refuse to give them any. The second the start screwing with people's internet broadband, the people should screw with Time Warner's or Charter's income. It's easy. They cap you. You call them and turn off TV and other optional services--- KNEE CAPPING them. The more they screw with the internet, the more you cut their throats. Call them and tell them how you will be turning off all their services.

The goal of this new scheme is to make a lot of money. I say give em a ton of red ink.

Drown the bastards in it.

Karl Bode
News Guy

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reply to espaeth

Re: TK, where ya at?

It's absolutely related that cable TV companies, facing new TV delivery competition, want to ramp up the price they charge customers for bandwidth...

And given they were making a healthy profit under the flat-rate model -- more than enough to upgrade capacity consistently -- it has nothing to do with network strain, and everything to do with milking the cow.

If people really want to argue that they lack the revenue to fund upgrades without migrating to overages, use the clickstream and deep packet inspection behavioral data they're selling to fund them. If that's not enough I'm sure they can use the DNS redirection ad revenue, and the money saved by offshoring support too.

My views are my own.

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reply to jc100


said by jc100:

They tried this in Ohio a few years back. It didnt last very long. Maybe a year. The flood of complaints they got ended that effort pretty fast.
This is WAY too funny!

People have asked for "defined caps" and this is what they are getting, and now they are pissed.. rightfully. BUT, this is what I have been saying ALL ALONG! Be careful when you ask for defined caps.. you won't like them!

While people jump to the plate to defend the top 1% BW hogs in their "right" to use the BW as they see fit, this is what comes in return. The fact is that MOST people.. and by that I mean 95% of the users on broadband, never have issues with the amount of BW they use a month.. But, around here, those of you that want to defend these hogs can also thank themselves for what TWC is up to now. And yes, the other posted above is right.. Comcast and others are probably waiting to see what happens.

Welcome to bandwidth at a premium!

What happens now, if this works and all of them jump on board, is that the ISPs just got a MAJOR, and I do mean MAJOR, raise in their income!

I wish people would just be honest and say something like "I want ALL The bandwidth I can use, I want speeds up to 1gb, and I want it all for $9.99 a month" and just admit their true feelings.. ie: I want the best and am willing to pay nothing.

While people sat back and threw stones and me for my views - it looks like I wasn't wrong, which I never thought I was wrong anyway.



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reply to heymoe666

Re: Netflix unlimited?



This move is to MONOPOLIZE the VOIP and MOVIE market on their network. Plain and simple. If you are using a VOIP or some service to get movies (AppleTV, Netflix, etc...) you will go over the cap. Thereby making the TimeWarner VOIP/On-Demand "Bundle" the only afforable option. So TimeWarner will effectively kill off all competition. Cha-Ching!!!!!


Northwood, OH

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I will cancel. That is the best I can do for this outrage.