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Times Digs Into Verizon Complaints About NYC Landlords
Most Landlords Deny Wrong Doing, Some Buildings Currently Empty
by Karl Bode 06:03PM Thursday Jan 10 2013
The New York Times has a little more detail on Verizon's complaints that New York City landlords aren't letting them gain access to buildings in order to replace copper with fiber (FiOS) post Sandy. As we noted last week, in some instances landlords are going so far as to try and charge Verizon for building access.

The Times tracks down some of the landlords citing in Verizon's complaint. One argues that tenants simply didn't want FiOS (something we've heard from techs is true), but dodged questions about trying to get Verizon to pay cash to access the building. Another landlord cited in Verizon's complaint said their buildings are currently uninhabited and awaiting fundamental repairs:
Landlords and their representatives said they recognized the opportunity Verizon was hoping to cash in on. But some said they did not feel any urgency to let the company in to start running wires along their stairwells and hallways....Two of the larger buildings Verizon cited — luxury high-rises at 2 Gold Street and 201 Pearl Street — have been uninhabitable since the storm. Their owner, TF Cornerstone, said through a spokesman that the first priority was “the rebuilding of our critical infrastructure,” including heat, hot water and electricity.
As the Times notes landlords have long tried to block some companies from providing service, and the FCC passed rules to try and block exclusive service agreements in apartment buildings. Cable industry executives insist many landlords try to charge as much as $150 per apartment for access to their buildings, which can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

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